Disney Investors News Reaction

  • Published on:  12/13/2020
  • Adam reports all the news and updates from Disney Investor Day 2020 to Jay who busy at work when all the news came out. How will Jay react to all the amazing shows, announcements, and castings that were revealed? And Adam has a few hot takes as well.

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    Video Breakdown:
    0:00 Catchy Theme Song/Intro
    1:28 Doctor Strange 2
    2:31 Black Widow
    2:42 Shang-Chi
    3:12 Ms. Marvel
    4:30 Captain Marvel 2
    5:05 Eternals & Hawkeye
    5:24 She-Hulk
    6:48 Moon Knight
    8:31 Secret Invasion
    9:59 Ironheart
    11:13 Armor Wars
    11:42 Guardians Holiday Special
    13:10 Thor Love and Thunder
    14:25 Blade
    15:20 Ant-Man and Wasp 2
    17:01 Black Panther 2
    18:23 Fantastic Four
    21:19 Rangers of the NR & Ahsoka
    23:32 Obi-Wan
    24:53 Vision
    25:19 Lando
    26:28 Acolyte
    28:10 Willow
    28:34 Indiana Jones 5
    29:32 Rogue Squadron
    34:33 Outro

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