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  • Published on:  4/2/2019
  • Science Behind Ugadi Festival | Ugadi Pachadi in Telugu | #Ugadi 2019 | YOYO TV Channel

    We celebrate ugadi festival, but so many of us don't know the science behind it. It is not just any relegious festival,but preparing our body to welcome the heat of summer.

    The word ugadi is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj-period and adi means ugadi means the beginning of New Year or period. it is usually celebrated in southern part of India.

    #Telangana, Andrapradesh and Karnataka it is known as UGADI.
    #Maharashtra it known as GUDIPADWA.

    The most important ritual of #UGADI is preparing ugadi pachadi. It is must have menu on the ugadi festival.

    #UGADI PACHADI consists of shadrasas(six tastes). As the body requires balanced diet for proper nourishment similarly it requires all the six tastes. ie madhur, Amla, Lavanya,Katy, tikta, kashaya.


    #Jaggery- madhur ras- sweet
    #RawMango - Amla ras- sour
    #Tamrind- Amla ras- sour
    #SaindhavLavan- lavan ras-salty
    #BlackPepper- katu ras- pungent
    #NeemFlowers- tikta ras- bitter
    #NeemFlowers- kashaya ras- astringent.

    Each ingredient is rich in medicinal value. The combination of all these ingredients make a wonderful juice which nourishes our body and acclimatises it to the temperature of the summer season.

    Base of this ugadi pachadi is the fresh water stored in new mud pot. Water stored in mud pots especially in summer have the property to keep the water cool and quench thirst.

    # jaggery- because of its sweet taste it's good for the heart (make good feel). Nourishes the body. Best source of instant energy. It also improves haemoglobin levels. Decreases the effects of excessive heat.

    #Raw mango - the digestion during summer becomes slightly sluggish. Raw mango improves appetite and digestion. Rich source of vitamin c.its good for heart. It protects us from heat side effects and dehydration.

    # New tamrind- it tackles inflammation. Boosts heart health. Strengthens the immune system. Reduces blood sugar levels. It’s also a very good laxative.

    #saindhav lavan- taste enhancer. Balances electrolytes. Avoids dehydration.

    #pepper Powder: - taste enhancer, appetiser. It decreases the cold cough production. Helps people with complaints of sinusitis etc.

    # neem- it's an effective antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal along with being a powerful immunostimulant. It helps in treatment of anorexia, nausea, belching, and intestinal worms. A very good blood purifier.

    Dosage :- usually we consume this tasty ugadi pachadi in large quantity. But the correct quantity that we r supposed to consume is just 15 to 30 ml early morning.
    Excess consumption can lead to acidity and excess heat in the body.

    So this ugadi pachadi is a very healthy drink perfectly made to welcome the summer heat.

    So understand, enjoy and reap the benefits of beautiful festivals of India.

    Ayurvedic physician and life style Consultant.

    Dr. Suneetha Grace
    Consultant Proctologist

    D.Mukunda Rao
    Health & Life Style Management Couch

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