Warcraft Lore Facts - The Shadowmoon Clan

  • Published on:  3/9/2016
  • No mooning involved.

    The Shadowmoon clan was the most spiritual of the orc clans of Draenor and had a profound link to the elements and to the spirit world. Its most well-known chieftain, Ner'zhul, was very respected among the orc clans for his mastery of the elements, which he could wield in a spectacular and graceful manner, and for his ability to communicate with spirits. Ner'zhul's erstwhile apprentice, Gul'dan, was also a member of the clan.

    Two hundred years ago, when the draenei arrived on Draenor, a piece of their ship, the dying Naaru K'ara, crash landed in Shadowmoon Valley. The Naaru entered its void state and became known to the Shadowmoon orcs as the Dark Star, granting them access to the powers of the Void. While it enjoyed some initial success, the use of the Dark Star's powers was eventually outlawed by the Shadowmoon chieftain. In the alternate Draenor, Ner'zhul was coerced by the Iron Horde to invoke the void powers of the Star, but the Naaru was eventually purified by Prophet Velen.

    Following the First and Second Wars, the Shadowmoon clan was left as the strongest clan on Draenor, and constituted Ner'zhul's primary force during the events of Beyond the Dark Portal. While the novelisation portrays them in a more minor role, in the original game, they forcibly reunited the Horde on Draenor and stole the artifacts Ner'zhul required for his plan. While the Shadowmoon were displeased when Ner'zhul decided to employ the Bleeding Hollow as his personal bodyguards, some among them nonetheless travelled with their chieftain into the Twisting Nether during the destruction of Draenor, and eventually became the first liches of the Scourge.

    The Shadowmoon clan form a large part of the Iron Horde under Gul'dan and the Fel Horde's spellcasters. The Shadowmoon of the Fel Horde are warlocks and blood mages and were one of the primary defences of the Black Temple. In addition, in both the Fel Horde and the Iron Horde, a Shadowmoon orc by the name of Nethekurse rose to the position of Grand Warlock, while another Shadowmoon, Keli'dan the Breaker, became Magtheridon's jailor.

    It is currently unknown if there are any uncorrupted members of the Shadowmoon clan. During Draenor's destruction, the clan held out within Shadowmoon Valley, and eventually at least several were corrupted into fel orcs. Some speculate that the Horde outpost of Shadowmoon Village within the Valley are the last uncorrupted members of the clan.

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