WoW TBC Classic Class Comparison: What Class to Pick in TBC | Overview & Ranking

  • Published on:  5/5/2020
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    0:00 Introduction
    1:11 Warrior
    2:48 Hunter
    4:29 Rogue
    5:34 Shaman
    6:28 Warlock
    8:02 Paladin
    10:26 Priest
    12:46 Mage
    13:53 Druid
    15:23 Class Leveling Speed Overview
    16:11 Class PvE Performance Overview
    16:47 Class PvP Performance Overview

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    Hello and welcome to this burning crusade class guide. Burning crusade is considered by many to be the best wow expansion and the golden era of world of warcraft. Today I’m going to be walking you through a high-level overview and comparison of the 9 classes in burning crusade to help you decide which class to role. I put this guide together because a lot has changed from classic to burning crusade. Classes have become better or worse at certain roles in PvE and PvP so I’m going to walk you through some of those changes. If you want to dominate the damage meters in PvE and clear all the end game content, certain classes will be better equipped for that. Or on the other hand you want to do strictly PvP and grind your way up to gladiator in the arena there are certain classes that will give you better odds for success.

    This guide will help you choose the best class for what you want to experience in burning crusade.

    First up is the Warrior. In PvP warriors are one of the absolute best classes.

    Hunters are supreme speed levelers. They excel in solo and group PvE in burning crusade. With an animal companion, hunters can take on multiple mobs and solo group quests other classes can’t.

    The next class we’re going to discuss is the rogue. The rogue is not the fastest leveling class because they lack sustain.

    Up next is the Warlock. The warlock is a class with high sustain and solid damage output making them one of the fastest and easiest classes to level. With a demonic ally to tank and help dps mobs, warlocks have a smooth ride to max level.

    Paladins can be played by humans, dwarves, drenai, and blood elves in tbc. Paladins received some nice buffs from classic to TBC.

    While not the quickest levelers, shadow priests have high sustain by dotting, mind flaying, and finishing off mobs by wanding them down to get mana regeneration going again.

    Next up is the mage. With high damage and endless amounts of food and water, mages can level at a consistent pace.

    Next up is Shaman. The shaman’s leveling has slightly gotten faster from classic with the introduction of a new enhancement talent known as Shamanistic Focus, which after getting a critical strike makes the shaman’s next shock cost 60% less mana.

    Feral Druids are excellent levelers. High damage, high sustain with the ability to heal and shift back into a cat to deal damage, and high mobility with travel form at level 30 increasing movement speed by 40%.

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