"My eye opener": Police officer gets community help for grandmother

  • Published on:  8/1/2017
  • WILDER, Ky. (WKRC) - A Wilder Police officer responds to a minor crash in a parking lot.

    A driver hit another car which is not a story worth telling, that is until the officer started asking the driver some questions.

    What happened in the following days shows the heart of a cop and the power of a community.

    Eight children from two months to eight years old. Seven of them are being raised by their grandma Christie… and sometimes it's overwhelming.

    Monday was one of those days.

    When Christie Hendley hit a car in a parking lot, she cried. The Wilder Police officer who responded pushed to find out what was really going on.

    "She was supposed to have driving glasses… didn't have health insurance… because even though she has a degree… didn't work… taking care of the kids,” said Officer Chad Martin.

    Officer Chad Martin asked questions until Christie told him the rest of the story.

    "She told me self-esteem problems, needed dental work done everything was overwhelming to her you could have said have a nice day, it was one of those ‘God’ moments we were supposed to cross paths,” said Officer Martin.

    Officer Martin remembered people who had helped him through tough times. He saw this as a way to give back.

    Garbig Family Eye Care agreed to help with those glasses. Turner Family Dentistry is pitching in too.

    "We just want to make sure she gets confidence back,” said Dr. Bryan Turner of Turner Family Dentistry. "We want to give her smile back.”

    "It's been almost a year since I smiled, I'm always hiding, I have to keep going… I can't stop because teeth are falling out,” said Christie.

    Wilder Fort Thomas and Southgate Police and fire departments collected money to make sure everything is covered.

    Officer Martin stopped by to tell Christie what's happened since that fender bender.

    "I instantly started tearing up, I don't want a handout. We have everything we need… we love each other,” said Christie.

    "As far as community response… all I want to say is thank you,” said Christie.

    Officer Martin called meeting Christie an “eye-opening experience.”

    "No matter how tough you think your life is, someone is dealing with more, this was my eye opener,” said Officer Martin.

    If you want to help with the community effort to help Christie, there is a “Help for Christie” GoFundMe page set up by the Wilder Police department.

    The money will be used to help her buy to school clothes and book bags for the children.