$300 DIY Tesla Powerwall - Solar storage 18650 lithium ion home Battery

  • Published on:  12/28/2015
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    8) Why not use Supercapacitors? A. Batteries work better at this time, caps are rare and expensive devices that are very good at doing things not needed for storage systems typically.
    List of parts used to make this project:
    Laptop Batteries http://j35.us/Ebay-Laptop-Battery-Lot
    18650 Holders http://j35.us/18650-spacer-clips
    Copper buss bars http://j35.us/1NGpBo4
    Cell Fuse wire http://j35.us/1k-Ohm-resistor
    Tesla Glass No longer available
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  • Mykel Hardin
    Mykel Hardin yesterday

    Where is this guy getting all these old laptop batteries?

  • Hesam Abdollahi
    Hesam Abdollahi yesterday

    Very interesting work, only that the price of Tesla wall includes the inverter unit and energy management system with battery pack as a whole. Also, the unit that can charge the battery pack from the solar panel (a DC source) is a converter (DC-to-DC) not an inverter (DC-to-AC).

  • Napraznicul Elias

    "2 thousand miliamps" Yeah, 2 amps......

  • Damjanhd
    Damjanhd 3 days ago

    You use 1Kohm resistor as fuse?? you loose some power on each cell because of that!

  • Damjanhd
    Damjanhd 3 days ago

    Can you wire those batteries parallel withouth fear it will empty each others???

  • Barbi Bimbo
    Barbi Bimbo 5 days ago

    Did he just say Lithium is "non-toxic" Man needs to buy a book.

  • Daniel Boix
    Daniel Boix 6 days ago

    Well that is very interesting but in Spain we have our own way of life, you know.... Look, you want to put one of this in your house to save money. Ok, then you must pay to the company a tax support. Why? Well, you need the company to support your system when your battery are empty or your solar pannel doesn't work. Don't you? So you better pay the bill and forget it. You don't? Then could be fined. So it is cheaper to do anything. That it is. Spanish way of life.

  • humxa khatri
    humxa khatri 9 days ago

    I am no expert here but don’t you need some special charging circuit, for lithium batteries, any old inverter would work?

  • Frank Saleh
    Frank Saleh 10 days ago

    Hi my name is Frank I like your videos but can you do a one video for Nissan Leaf battery thank you my email is Frank Saleh 12 at gmail.com

  • Stacey Story
    Stacey Story 11 days ago


  • super man
    super man 12 days ago

    this is my best inspiration so cool

  • rxchen
    rxchen 12 days ago

    Dude you are awesome!! Idk how to do all these but I am very interested and hope one day I can follow what you do man...

  • Francis Rohan John
    Francis Rohan John 13 days ago

    No need for BMS?

  • Rfbu
    Rfbu 13 days ago

    you need to be a sparky to do this

  • Jimmy Jam
    Jimmy Jam 14 days ago

    non toxic lol, yeah I bet.

  • Dennis R
    Dennis R 14 days ago

    The solar array is producing DC...so why a double inversion to store the PV power? Or did I misunderstand? Isn't it more efficient to go PV DC to battery storage DC through a DC charge controller?And then charge the EV with DC with the same charge controller?

  • IcyMidnight
    IcyMidnight 16 days ago

    "How put $180 of batteries into a wooden box"

  • wrybread
    wrybread 19 days ago

    Would be interesting if you measured the actual battery capacity now that it's built... Curious to know how much it varies from the predicted capacity. Without that bit of information it's hard to know whether your strategy of using recycled laptop batteries worked. Personally I'm guessing your 2000mAh rating for each cell is off by a factor of at least 2.
    Also, stating the obvious here, but any lithium-ion battery bank is going need some circuitry to prevent over charging and over discharging. I'm curious what you'll use that can handle the amount of current this bank can provide. Not saying it doesn't exist of course, but without that bit of circuitry this isn't a functional battery bank yet.
    And I'd seriously consider using hardie board or similar for the backing (the side that touches your house) in case of failure. It's a cheap and easy way to at least somewhat compensate for the fact that unlike the PowerWall this has no thermal protection.
    And all that said, keep up the great work, love your videos!

  • Alan Smollen
    Alan Smollen 21 days ago

    You are fantastic, serious and on the topic!

  • jonsios´s baby
    jonsios´s baby 21 days ago

    the batteries used in the power wall do not use lithium, because the lithium has a much lower useful life compared to the nickel, cobalt and aluminum battery