[Countryhumans] HARD KNOCK WORLD | Complete Spoof MAP

  • Published on:  12/15/2019
  • Welp! Here it is! I wanted it to be chaotic and- yup it’s chaotic! Thank you to everyone who participated! We love a good chaotic MAP.

    This is obviously based off the hard knock life meme that was popular in what? 2016? We a couple years late but what else is new on this channel. It was basically just compilations of people getting hurt/something bad happening to the beat of the music.

    Quick Q&A

    What is a MAP?
    A Multiple Animators Project. Different people worked on different parts of the video which is why the art and editing style changes often. Also there weren't any designs rules for this MAP so thats why the same characters look a lil different.

    Who animated (insert time stamp)?
    The usernames are in the bottom right corner of each part.

    Where’s my country?
    If it ain’t here idk what to tell you. Please appreciate the countries that ARE here and the artists efforts to bring them to life! It’s disappointing to everyone to see someone upset their fave didn’t make a cameo :(

    Song- Hard Knock Life from the musical Annie (2014) https://www.201tube.com/video/o7yIy0Z6axs/video.html