The funniest SEEMS LEGIT moments

  • Published on:  3/25/2018
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  • Bobolobflob 9 months ago

    I have one thing to say.*Seems Legit*

  • icy jello sunflower an hour ago

    says I have one thing to say *says two things* *seems legit*/

  • Xx_LunaKat Playz_xX 27 days ago

    sandra benson it’s one sentence

  • Emma Bigler 9 months ago

    She really didn’t notice the McRape??? Omg 😂

  • Death Scy 3 days ago

    jada pink that was after the edit she didnt notice it in the video the clip literally said "What about McRape? "

  • LxUxXxE LLL MSP 9 months ago

    Your hair looks pretty azzy!💗💗😂😂

  • Daisy Doggo 22 days ago

    I made it 87 cuz I didnt like

  • Brenna Adams 2 months ago

    I made it fifty

  • Contra V 9 months ago

    The SexOffender app is probably something that says where Sex offenders are so you can avoid that area

  • Jody Fleming 6 days ago


  • Klaus 2 months ago

    it is

  • Short But Strong 9 months ago

    3:05It would be nice if you putManly Nuts instead of Man Nuts

  • @Yareli Ramirez xD

  • Yareli Ramirez 22 days ago

    He looks like thanos

  • JJ_JACKIES 2 days ago

    Did anyone get the late birthday card thingy if donal trump or was it just me 😂 Yeah Okw that’s what I thought lol jk

  • 0:57 the translation says : rice with herbs in Arabic EASYأرز مع الاعشاب

  • Red Devil 4 months ago

    Over 99 billion served!!!Azzy: Really??? seems..... legit.

  • Anthony Bundy 9 months ago

    "Nuts grow on trees"Seems legit 😂

  • Almonds grow on trees.

  • Nathaniel Mickelson 11 days ago

    I think cashews and walnuts grow on trees, I will update this when I know for sure what nuts come fro trees

  • libby morante 8 months ago

    “CaN i hAvE A McRaPe”