Halsey - Colors (Stripped / Audio)

  • Published on:  4/22/2016
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  • Row Vine
    Row Vine 3 years ago+5220

    "Art is not what I create. What I create... Is chaos."
    Every Fanfic writer/ author EVER.

  • Robloxian Mackenzie
    Robloxian Mackenzie a years ago+253

    Halsey: art is not what I create, what I create is chaos
    Me: honey that's the same way I feel every time I enter art class

  • agizzy23
    agizzy23 2 years ago+4810

    The normal studio version sounds like her admitting a relationship isn't the best, but she's willing to try.
    The live version sounds like she's remembering what's left of him in a dream.
    This version sounds like she's mourning the potential.

  • marromilleify
    marromilleify 2 years ago+4451

    This version feels like the moment when you see someone you use to love and both of you freeze, staring into each other's eyes. It seems as though time has stopped completely and you can see the moments you shared playing in the space between you, but you know that it'll never happen again. It's lovely and sad and beautiful all at once.

  • Karanina Becerra
    Karanina Becerra 2 years ago+958

    where the original had beat, this has soul.

  • HaryuuNoHanekata
    HaryuuNoHanekata 2 years ago+776

    for everyone wondering, "stripped" basically means it's a toned down, moodier version of the original. instead of a sub 128bpm house track it's basically just piano and airy synths with minimal percussive efforts to better emphasize the vocals. should also note that the chord change is f# to g# to a#m throughout whereas the original focuses more on beginning the verses with the a#m and transitioning to g# and then f#; reversing the chord progression seemed to aim the song to create a different listening anticipation and a more morose phrase resolution

  • olivia lmao
    olivia lmao 2 years ago+973

    the original makes me wanna dance,
    this version makes me cry and emotional.

  • Let The Ocean Take Me
    Let The Ocean Take Me 2 years ago+1941

    i just got a pair of really good earbuds and i listened to this and im legit crying in the middle of my school's library. her voice is too beautiful

  • Camy Idy
    Camy Idy 2 years ago+813

    This version gives me anxiety, it's like i'm facing death for a couple of minutes

  • Shannon In Wonderland
    Shannon In Wonderland 2 years ago+2386

    I'm not crying, you're crying.

  • Revoremus
    Revoremus 2 years ago+1805

    "Art is not what I create. What I create is chaos."

  • lejeonds
    lejeonds 2 years ago+155

    do you know those songs that feels like it's feeding your soul and your chest feels physically light when you're listening to it? this is one of those songs.

  • kylie !!
    kylie !! 2 years ago+352


  • shibe™
    shibe™ 2 years ago+220

    I feel as if this song just brushed against my inner soul
    Those deep, quiet, peaceful, but a bit sad, parts where my mind hardly goes to
    Those parts when you're just with yourself, and where nobody else can enter
    Where you can just think about everything and see how beautiful it is

  • Michelle Nathalia
    Michelle Nathalia 2 years ago+2591

    will never get enough of colors actually. no matter what version it is

  • Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction

    I love this more than a little too much.

  • Kayden Gillum
    Kayden Gillum 2 years ago+253

    "I'm not crying, I just have something in my eye" Yeah it's called emotions

  • milkinelle
    milkinelle 2 years ago+818

    Her "stripped" songs are the best..

  • Marco Daniel
    Marco Daniel 2 years ago+118

    this version makes me think If im living or just surviving

  • Mollie Ricketts
    Mollie Ricketts 2 years ago+273

    I'm I the only one who thinks she sounds better without auto tune