US HIstory - WWII Lecture Pt. 2: The Holocaust

  • Published on:  4/19/2020
  • This is a very sensitive topic as it involves the death of an estimated 11 million people. Please understand that this is only a small part of the information out there to educate people on what happened in the Holocaust. I have provided several links to websites with more information below for those of you who would like to know more about this topic.

    Videos from notes:
    Video 1 -
    Video 2 -

    Additional videos from survivors:
    Report on a survivor who works in the Holocaust Memorial in Washington DC -
    A survivor recounts his liberation from the camps -
    Eva Kor, victim of Nazi medical experiments on twins , tells her story -

    Links to informational web sources on the Holocaust:
    The World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Israel -
    The US Holocaust Memorial Museum -
    The Jewish Virtual Library -
    A virtual tour of Auschwitz Death Camp -,en.html