Thunder vs Rockets | Full Game Recap: Harden, Westbrook & Paul George Put On A Show In Houston



  • Lesley Taylor
    Lesley Taylor 6 months ago+275

    OKC Nation where you at ⚡⚡💯💯

  • Shanta doll
    Shanta doll 6 months ago+239

    This was more entertaining than the Super bowl.

  • OKTrey5
    OKTrey5 6 months ago+288

    Rockets blowing leads like they thought it was the playoffs

  • dank memer
    dank memer 6 months ago+191

    Paul George is proving to the league that he is better then Harden

  • Aaron Porter
    Aaron Porter 6 months ago+163

    Terrance Ferguson is really coming into his own

  • Hikmat Lodin
    Hikmat Lodin 6 months ago+136

    Damm Paul George the MVP. Like this if you want to him to be the mvp

  • TheGoat HCR
    TheGoat HCR 6 months ago+255

    Hey rockets fans? Where’d that 26 point lead go? 👀

  • stopmotion36
    stopmotion36 6 months ago +233

    Paul George outplayed Harden tonight. George has earned the MVP in my opinion
    George MVP
    Schröder 6th Man

  • Jerami G
    Jerami G 6 months ago+67

    26 point lead

  • Steve
    Steve 6 months ago+37

    We all knew PG13 was good...
    But this year, he really took his game to another level.
    MVP! 😎

  • Jay Nunez12
    Jay Nunez12 6 months ago+243

    This game proves Paul George is better than James harden

  • The Dopamine
    The Dopamine 6 months ago+43

    Defensive discipline helped okc 2nd half and Schroder should be 6th man of the year talk

  • Thouxanband Swavy
    Thouxanband Swavy 6 months ago+111

    Roccets blew a 26 point lead 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️ #ThunderUp

  • Savior Seidi
    Savior Seidi 6 months ago+58

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 pg is the mvp man idk why he hasn’t been talked about more

  • Andre Raw
    Andre Raw 6 months ago+22

    They say “Giannis is mvp” or “hardin is mvp”. Paul george destroyed both of them and their teams including putting the freak on poster. PG went Rated R this season #MVP

  • Mike Vang
    Mike Vang 6 months ago+18

    That 26 point lead disappear as fast as rockets fans in the stands

  • Pan Black Solutions
    Pan Black Solutions 6 months ago+32

    3:12 "harden creates space"🤔 he sure did lol🥊😂🥊

  • Tim McInnes
    Tim McInnes 6 months ago+18

    Only Thunder fans will understand🐐🐐🐐

  • Dame Dolla #mr clutch 4th quarter

    Paul george>harden

  • Christian TookFlight
    Christian TookFlight 6 months ago+17

    Rockets fans was celebrating at the half like they was gonna win 😂