FORD Owner Tries CUMMINS For A DAY?! *HONEST* Thoughts! WILL I SWITCH?!?



  • fred a
    fred a 1 months ago

    Oh, I’m sure you can fuck up a Cummins too. You guys at Retard Trucking are PRO’s don’t forget.

  • A Digital Paradox
    A Digital Paradox 1 months ago

    2:38 this is why you grease all joints

  • Just Me
    Just Me 1 months ago

    For all you haters the man is making money leave him alone..

  • jakenoll vlogs
    jakenoll vlogs 1 months ago

    Why do you drive in manual mode?

  • The Duke
    The Duke 1 months ago

    Cummins is a completely different animal.

  • Kai Hill
    Kai Hill 2 months ago

    The first time you jacked the rear end of my truck off the ground with the trailer, then went to shaking it until it fell to the ground, is the instant you'd be gathering your teeth from the dirt. That man let you borrow his truck, and you treat it like that?!

  • Ely Grocki
    Ely Grocki 2 months ago

    what does he do for work? Does he do a form of hotshot trucking?

  • Lucas Davenport
    Lucas Davenport 2 months ago

    What’s that crap music

  • bloodseedrums
    bloodseedrums 2 months ago

    Have you not been around too many cummins, that things pretty quiet

  • Tech Kid
    Tech Kid 2 months ago

    Its a 2008 Dodge Ram 5500 with a 6.7L L6 24V. For everyone complaining saying its a 07 with a 5.9 or a 07.5 with a 6.7. its a 2008 with a 6.7.

  • TomatheGreek
    TomatheGreek 2 months ago

    “Next Truck is going to be a GMC”
    “ohh yer Retarded”
    Lol that Canadian accent.

  • SRN
    SRN 2 months ago

    how many miles on that truck??

  • JeepCherokeeful
    JeepCherokeeful 2 months ago

    This guys a limp noodle, no spine, pick a brand and Man Up!

  • 3rd Revelation
    3rd Revelation 2 months ago

    Cummins 5.9 w/ Eaton 10 RR, 1400 ft lbs, can’t go wrong.

  • M A
    M A 2 months ago

    Intro song?

  • Chance Markham
    Chance Markham 2 months ago

    5500 is a 6.7

  • Eric Wood
    Eric Wood 2 months ago

    annoying music

  • Brandon Sellears
    Brandon Sellears 2 months ago

    1:14 😂😂😂
    Next trucks going to be a gmc
    Steve- Oh your retarded😂

  • Kevin Romero
    Kevin Romero 2 months ago

    Buy a ram. The 68rfe will do fine with a tune. I’ve had no problems with mine.

  • vadim nesen
    vadim nesen 2 months ago

    Cummins good. Fiat. Chrysler dodge is junk