FORD Owner Tries CUMMINS For A DAY?! *HONEST* Thoughts! WILL I SWITCH?!?



  • brianok100
    brianok100 11 months ago+58

    You asked if you could borrow the Cummins, and he let you use the entire truck. Now that's a good friend! lol

  • Jeremy Cosby
    Jeremy Cosby 11 months ago+29

    since you love to shift manually so much. Get a new manual RAM.

  • Antonio Claudio Michael
    Antonio Claudio Michael 11 months ago+28

    Ford wouldnt always be in the shop if you wouldnt be irresponsible with your vehicles

  • madmatt2024
    madmatt2024 11 months ago+9

    If you want a truck that doesn't blow a transmission every year then get one with a manual transmission!

  • George Mulligan
    George Mulligan 11 months ago+6

    Poor kid has no clue how to drive good Lord manually shifting an automatic transmission

  • Brandon Caldwell
    Brandon Caldwell 11 months ago+9

    Comparing a 10 or so year old truck to a new one. If you want to compare, get a 2016 ram 3500 and push the exhaust brake button twice. Also, quite the manual shifting in an Auto! You want to waste fuel, burn transmitions, and increase wear, youre doing one hell of a job with manually shifting an auto!

  • Homer Garcia
    Homer Garcia 11 months ago+15

    I’m a Cummins guy my self. That truck has a nasty exhaust leak from what I heard and that truck is not a 5.9 it’s a 6.7.

  • Kirk S
    Kirk S 11 months ago+5

    you clearly have never heard a 6.0 powerstroke if you consider that the best sounding truck...

  • aaron horn
    aaron horn 3 months ago+1

    Dodge and Ford are good for work trucks, chevy/gmc is only good for daily driving

  • Highball 734
    Highball 734 11 months ago+29

    UGHHHHHH Why do you insist on manually shifting all automatics???

  • vadim nesen
    vadim nesen 10 months ago+1

    Cummins good. Fiat. Chrysler dodge is junk

  • grantmax18
    grantmax18 11 months ago

    Great video man, my 250 powerstroke 2011 does the job I have no problem with the cummins or duramax there all great trucks

  • This is SiKk.
    This is SiKk. 11 months ago+1

    Even if you drove a tank you would wind up braking it. Your a mess

  • Connor Carr
    Connor Carr 11 months ago+4

    That truck is a 6.7 because it’s a 07.5

  • kmcca08
    kmcca08 11 months ago+3

    Would the dealer not have red flagged your truck because you put def in the diesel? I can bet if they saw your video, any issues with your fuel system won’t be under warranty.

  • JD Kirane
    JD Kirane 11 months ago+1

    This is the kind of truck you need. No necessary being a dodge but being a 5500. With those massive loads you always have. This would be an awesome truck

  • Gustav Lindstroem
    Gustav Lindstroem 11 months ago+2

    You Said the next truck would be a GMC. Has this changed your opinion on that? Would you consider getting a new Dodge instead?

  • redneckf1504x4
    redneckf1504x4 11 months ago+1

    Ill bet that typical dodge has more problems than ford.

  • Birds nest Fishing
    Birds nest Fishing 11 months ago+2

    Ford guy here but I do love cummins for the weight you pull I think ford/dodge makes sense for you. The front solid axle is a lot better for towing then gm but anyways you should try out at 3500 non cabin chassis and see how you like it.

  • Marc Kleinczmit
    Marc Kleinczmit 11 months ago+2

    Dude, I noticed that you are using the automatic shifter to change gears why.???