What is 0x Mesh?

  • Published on:  7/30/2019
  • Alex Browne, Technical Lead, explains 0x Mesh, a new peer-to-peer network for sharing orders within the 0x ecosystem (currently in MVP status).

    ⭐ For more information, visit:
    » 0x Mesh GitHub: https://link.0x.org/mesh
    » Godoc: https://link.0x.org/mesh-godoc
    » Mesh Discord chat: https://link.0x.org/discord-mesh
    » Presentation slides: https://link.0x.org/mesh-slides
    » Roadmap blog post: https://link.0x.org/2019-Roadmap-P3


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    0x is a community-owned protocol that provides p2p exchange infrastructure and aggregated liquidity that enables the crypto economy to swap tokens at the best prices.

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