• Published on:  1/9/2019

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  • Jim Mulvaney
    Jim Mulvaney yesterday

    Please say you will look up old Married with Children clips and react... ?

  • Kane Dalziel
    Kane Dalziel yesterday

    1:35 none they don’t have AirPods

  • Just A Normie
    Just A Normie 3 days ago

    Y'all remember whenever you installed that adblocker and all of the hot singles in your area disappeared?

  • Some Dank Melons
    Some Dank Melons 3 days ago

    I don’t think people realised that 9:12 the dudes dad got her pregnant right?

  • Little Light
    Little Light 3 days ago

    0:47 busted

  • torhagen
    torhagen 4 days ago

    Dreamgurl 90 60 90
    90 million worth 60degrees fever and 90 years old

  • Dominic LeBlanc
    Dominic LeBlanc 4 days ago

    Still better than 5,000,000 pesos

  • Jacob Adamson
    Jacob Adamson 4 days ago

    i would be happy with any girl...

  • DJPhantom
    DJPhantom 4 days ago

    4:15, wut???

  • Gabriel Parker
    Gabriel Parker 5 days ago

    Apparently Bruce at the time was trumps lawyer

  • Dondre Ebrahim
    Dondre Ebrahim 5 days ago

    Fuck no man not worth it

  • AV3STA
    AV3STA 6 days ago

    I hate golddigging whores... and yet I can see the temptation.

  • BlackVulcan22
    BlackVulcan22 6 days ago

    Not to bring about a gender discussion, but the correlation between single parents and fathers being pervy isnt a thing.
    Family courts favor women, so if a man was even perceived to be a perv or creep, he wouldnt get custody of his kids.
    The beginning of this video also shows the dynamic between men, women, and innate in-group bias. Jeanie immediately defended all women when MXR just told a goofy, overtly hyperbolic joke. Then he threw single fathers under the bus, and she was a-ok.
    This is why men say women cant be funny. Oh, they can do funny things, but there arent quick witted carol bernnet's, or lucille ball's or joan river's anymore. Cant unplug from the vagina matrix and stop being a victim in their own heads long enough......

  • dean hsieh
    dean hsieh 6 days ago

    Your're more likely to get crushed by a vending machine than get killed by a crocodile.

  • Asbjørn Rasmussen
    Asbjørn Rasmussen 6 days ago

    Well said, Jeannie, well said X-D

  • Ryan Torres
    Ryan Torres 7 days ago

    In regards to the kendal Jensen pic they're talking about OJ Simpson when he was being tried for his wife's murder and Robert Kardashian was his lawyer. The Kardashians are only famous because he won Oj the trial so we have OJ to thank for the Kardashians. Dammit OJ....

  • nathan miller
    nathan miller 7 days ago

    I would for 100k, 5 million hell ya

  • Vonhere Broadsword
    Vonhere Broadsword 7 days ago

    For 10M im game

  • kunara 06
    kunara 06 7 days ago

    The guy will have a sister soon did he fuck his mum or something

  • NKVD agent Vassili
    NKVD agent Vassili 7 days ago

    Batista bomb is great, but I prefer using judo throws when it comes to dating.