Trolley Tom Decision #7

  • Published on:  7/20/2019
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  • ExplosmEntertainment
    ExplosmEntertainment  1 months ago+3053

    Don't forget! We're posting these to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Kickstarter. Those people aren't always voting the same way as YouTube, especially since you guys are agents of chaos trying to destroy the Kickstarter. Whenever the decision affects people's games, Tom looks extra closely at the Kickstarter votes before pulling his lever. Oh dear oh my!

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 1 months ago+838

    Poor Trolley Tom is going to have PTSD after all this is done.

  • lupelasers323
    lupelasers323 1 months ago+170

    Trolley Tom killed my grandparents. It's time to get even

  • Spiff Kid
    Spiff Kid 1 months ago+73

    Left. Tom go left. Go left Tom, Tom go OH GOD TOM TURN LEFT NOW TURN LEFT OH GOD TOM NO

  • Anthony _
    Anthony _ 1 months ago+60

    Left. I want Tom to have a conscious so that he suffers more in the long run.

  • Not Insert name here
    Not Insert name here 1 months ago+28

    If Trolley Tom’s papa is killed, then he will probably go on a rampage

  • Squill Wetherspoon
    Squill Wetherspoon 1 months ago+164

    Tom's been through hell and back for us

  • Bill Gates
    Bill Gates 1 months ago+22

    Left. Tom's been through enough already he can't lose his dad too

    A-ARON PRE-SENT 1 months ago+10

    Left ! This is too much emotional Trolley Trauma for Trolley Tom. He’s so miserable now😔

  • Jasper Fox - FoxGamer39618

    Now I feel bad for Tom. His father will die.

  • Vazerin
    Vazerin 28 days ago+4

    You all just keep going for cards, the hells wrong with you guys

  • TH3 DR3AD3D
    TH3 DR3AD3D 1 months ago+247

    LEFT DO IT, i want to see tom be happy once more ;-; just like the beginning

  • Brandyn123 Smith
    Brandyn123 Smith 1 months ago+10

    Left. don't kill that man if you do you shall pay with your blood

  • Hamilton Studios
    Hamilton Studios 1 months ago+6

    Go left we have to save Trolley Tom Senior

  • Unknown Male
    Unknown Male 1 months ago+5

    For the love of jah and gek go left trolly tom

  • Race Landon
    Race Landon 28 days ago+2

    Let’s please help this man out a bit by choosing moral decisions

  • DinoboyAsh21
    DinoboyAsh21 1 months ago+216

    Let's just relieve Tom for once.
    Do it right, go left.

  • Cool Dude
    Cool Dude 14 days ago

    Tom- please don't kill my dad
    People- 😐but kickstarter cards....
    (Slowly edges lever to the right)

  • Big Moe
    Big Moe 21 days ago+1

    Ok, is the voting rigged? I haven't even seen a right comment.