How to Set up Your Snowboard - Stance - Snowboard Gear

  • Published on:  12/23/2019
  • In this video I show you how I set up my snowboard, position my stance for park and get my board ready for this upcoming #snowboard season.

    After deciding on the type of riding(park) and the specs needed for my body I bought a new snowboard and bindings. Once they were shipped and I unboxed them it's now time to get the board set up and ready for the season.

    Since I am riding park this season I am setting up my snowboard with a wider stance +2-6 cm for more stability off of rails and jumps. I am also setting the angles to a "duck" stance. The best way I have found to figure out which angles to start with is to lay your new snowboard flat on the ground and to stand on it the middle with your feet naturally apart. Then I do a couple of squats, this will imitate the action of a hard landing and the natural way your body stabilizes itself, notice the angle of your feet when you're standing back up from the squat, that will be the angle you want to set your bindings at.

    Next we want to set up our snowboard binding straps, for me the straps all have to be centered on the snowboard boot. you can easily just put the boot into the binding and align the ankle and toe straps.

    After that then we want to position the binding and boot onto the board and make sure there is little to no overhang. You can see what I am referring to in my K2 snowboard vs new #Salomon comparison video. You should have also researched the binding size needed compared to your snowboard boots and the snowboard binding size compared to your snowboard width.

    After that it is simply tightening the bolts down and doing a good check, I like to strap in and do a nose and tail press to make sure everything is tight and positioned well.

    And that is how to set up your snowboard!

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