Top 10 MYSTERIOUS Mermaid Sightings Around The World!

  • Published on:  3/28/2020
  • From mysterious ladies in the water that just disappear to possible remains and even photographs, here are 10 stories of mermaid encounters from around the world.

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    10. New Zealand Mermaid
    In 2014, a crew of seven fishermen from Papua New Guinea were fishing on the east coast of South Island in New Zealand right after a big storm. They landed on the sand and saw something lying there. It looked like human remains. Perhaps they had come across the remains of a crime victim or someone who had died in an accident. They contacted local authorities and the New Zealand coast guard then called in the federal police for help.

    9. Hebrides Mermaid
    Scotland is full of mysterious creatures, and there are many stories about mermaids. In the early 1800s, some workers were cutting seaweed on the Outer Hebrides islands when they spotted a creature in the water that was described as a “woman in miniature”. They tried to catch the creature, but she got away. A little boy with really good aim threw a rock at her, and hit her in the back.

    8. Mami Wata
    Legend goes that a fisherman from Nigeria had the same routine every day. He would wake up early, have breakfast with his wife and go fishing. He would almost always catch something within the first hour. But one day, things changed. He was out there a long time, waiting and waiting.

    7. Feejee Mermaid
    Mermaid fever might still be going on, but in 1840’s it reached peak levels. The Feejee mermaid was one of several so-called mermaids, but they were anything but beautiful. They were half ape, half fish creatures. The famous Feejee Mermaid had the head of an orangutan and the tail of a salmon. The mermaid was most likely created by a Japanese fisherman as a joke, although others believe these types of figures were used in some religious practices.

    6. Warsaw, Poland
    If you have ever been to Warsaw, Poland, you may have noticed that in a few places in Old Town or close to the river, there are sculptures of a beautiful mermaid, and her image has become the symbol of the Polish capital. But how did she come to be here?

    5. The Mermaid of Kiryat Yam
    In the area of Kiryat Yam, a city in northern Israel, a number of mermaid sightings in 2009 spurred on a search for the mythical creature. After multiple accounts surfaced of people supposedly sighting mermaids off the coast, the local town council offered a $1 million reward to anyone who could bring proof the creature existed.

    4. LaSiren
    Known in the Caribbean Islands, LaSiren is a mermaid who has a sister called LaBalenn, who is a whale. She is the Haitain goddess of the sea and reins over the ocean. Her sister the whale symbolizes the boundary between our world and the underwater world.

    3. The Big Island Mermaid
    Hawaii has several legends about mermaids. And I mean, if you were a mermaid, wouldn’t you want to live in Hawaii??Mermaid sightings have been reported off the big island for over 50 years. A group of divers went out to explore the ocean floor, and got the surprise of a lifetime. They claim to have photographic evidence of the mermaid!

    2. British Columbia Mermaid
    In the summer of 1967, a mermaid was reportedly spotted on Mayne Island on Canada’s West coast. In an early evening in June, the creature was seen by ferry passengers in the Active Pass straight that separates the island in the north from the southern Gulf Islands. A number of witnesses said the mermaid had a large fish in her hand that she supposedly took a bite from. They also said she seemed to enjoy the surf washing over her.

    1. Columbus’ Mermaids
    One of the earliest reports of mermaid sightings comes from Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, who described seeing the creatures while sailing near the Dominican Republic. He said they were not half as beautiful as they are painted.