Fortnite | Season 6 Leaks and Insane Theories

  • Published on:  9/13/2018
  • Fortnite Battle Royale Season 6 is almost here! After looking through all the leaks and theories here's 8 things you should know about season 6. Battle pass characters; save the world going free to play; new themes and map updates and pets! I need a hamster in a ball.00:00 Intro00:53 Loading screen story02:10 Lava lake volcano03:00 Hidden under loot lake!03:17 Battle pass clues (Crazy Castle)04:17 The Enforcer! Lore and Season 6 preview05:30 Wailing Woods Bunker Opens!06:25 Tomato head | time travel lore | Uncle Pete07:56 Upgraded skins - Bright Bomber becomes Dark Bomber08:10 Leaks and more leaks09:28 PETS! Animals09:55 Save the World goes free! Vbucks?Reading this? Start your comment with 'Hey Adam! Let's go bowling!' and I shall reply.


  • PlayStationGrenade 9 months ago

    I've had a fortnight away from Fortnite! But now I'm back! What are you hoping appears in season 6? I need a castle!

  • Hfdjjdiidid K 2 days ago

    GodSoReckless ‘ fortnight means 2 weeks

  • BorderCollie Gaming 18 days ago

    Hey, you got a castle on haunted hills

  • shreko ma donkeh 7 months ago

    Who's watching late season 6 or early season 7 to see if it's actually rightLike if you are

  • 3ddypogi 10 days ago

    Theories can’t be right or wrong because they’re guesses, and what you think

  • Grim Skull 28 days ago

    Im in season 9 mate

  • Random Potato 9 months ago

    5:24sorry the cube is gone it turned the lake into a trampoline

  • FLY_Elyrim 16 days ago

    Nope it’s back and now gone lol

  • Sergeant Sponge 5 months ago

    (thanos lake)

  • D R I F T 7 months ago

    Here after season 6 I just wanted to see how correct he is

  • ScAr 1 months ago

    @DaBigOne now season 9

  • DaBigOne 3 months ago

    Bryant supreme now season 8

  • DAT BOI 7 months ago

    Who is watching this while waiting for season 7

  • BBlaze __ 22 days ago

    I'm halfway thru season 9

  • A. Almutiri 1 months ago

    @Oh Yeah yeah it's season 9

  • Fenix 9 months ago

    I personally think the bunker is a massive troll

  • OmNi_DarkReaper 17 hours ago

    Turns out u were right its season 9 now

  • DAT BOI 7 months ago

    Lol Actually not

  • William Lord 9 months ago

    The skin Should be called dark defuser

  • Fatima Aga-in 7 months ago

    skankhunt42 no dark bomer

  • Ernestoxc90 Battaglia 7 months ago

    what about dark bomber THE OFFICIAL NAME

  • XD Hacker 9 months ago

    Hey Adam! Let's Go Bowling

  • Puppy Paws 9 months ago

    9:22 you do realise that is from Disney infinity 2.0 right? YEAH I LIKED THAT GAME I HAD 2.0 ANDDD 3.0!!!

  • DIAGOLD BEAST 3 months ago

    -Edgy I miss that game too

  • That Rocket Boiii 3 months ago

    Same here

  • Panda Source 6 months ago

    It's scary how right you were but in the same way, not completely right. GG tho. I trust your season 7 vid more now :)