10 Most Terrifying Discoveries Made In Brazil

  • Published on:  4/6/2021
  • 10 Most Terrifying Discoveries Made In Brazil

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    10 Most Terrifying Discoveries Made In Brazil
    Lush rainforests, fantastic white sand beaches, epic wildlife, Carnivale, these are just some of the
    amazing things you can discover in Brazil. I know that all of us are getting stir crazy with being stuck at
    home for a year now, but as the world slowly gets back to normal, you should make Brazil one of your
    first destination and make your own discoveries there. Just pray you don’t come across any of these
    things on today’s list.
    From giant ancient burrowers to a megafish that’s long thought to be extinct, here are 10 of the most
    terrifying discoveries made in Brazil.

    Number 10. Giant Tunnels
    Brazil is famous for a few things; it’s forests and the variety of wildlife within, music and festivals, even
    martial arts. However, just recently, Brazil is getting a lot more attention for the various recent
    discoveries made there. This being one of them.
    If you explore certain rock faces in the country, you’ll find a lot of smooth walled caves. Thing is, they
    aren’t really caves, but tunnels. You see, caves are naturally formed by water dissolving rock and the
    process could go on for millions of years. The result is a cave with smooth walls.
    If you look closely at the walls of these tunnels, you’ll see giant claw marks. Yes, marks that can only be
    made by a giant animal with giant claws. As it turns out, prehistoric Brazil was home to a number of
    giant tunnel digging monsters.
    Although the exact animal who dug up these tunnels hasn’t been identified yet, researchers do have a
    few suspects; prehistoric giant armadillos such as Holmesina and Pampatherium, or Giant Ground
    Sloths, like the Megatherium or Erometherium.

    Number 9. Snake Island
    Of course, no list like this would be complete if we don’t talk about Ilha de Queimada Grande, better
    known as Snake Island, which is a small island located in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Brazil.
    The island is famous for one thing and one thing only; it houses the densest population of venomous
    snakes anywhere in the world. And we’re not talking about just any ordinary snake, no sir. They are
    golden lancehead vipers, one of the most venomous snakes in the world.
    The island is packed with these vipers. According to the latest survey, there is at least one snake per
    square meter of the island. They are highly venomous, packing venom that is so fast acting, it can kill a
    person in under an hour.
    The island is now uninhabited, and except for a few researchers who go there every now and then, no
    other persons are allowed to visit, that is, if there are any willing enough to do so. The last permanent

    inhabitants of the island were a lighthouse keeper and his family, who were wiped out in a single night
    by a solitary golden lancehead.

    Number 8. The Bahia Horned Beast
    Now, here’s a terrifying discovery that may or may not be real. But, as always, I’ll give you all the details
    that I know and make you decide for yourself whether to believe in it or not. Personally, given that
    scientists believe that a lot of unknown animal species have yet to be discovered, I think a creature like
    this can possibly be hiding in the forests of Brazil.
    This devilish creature is known as the Bahia Horned Beast, and this is the only known photo of it. The
    image first came up back in 2007, and the story that went with it was that it was taken by a 15 year old
    girl while wandering in the forest.
    At first, it looks like a man covered in mud, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that the creatures face is
    more skull-like than human. You can also see a pair of what looks like devil horns on either side of its
    head, hence its name. It also looks like it’s holding something in its arms; some say an offspring, while
    others a weapon.
    But what do you think? Man that likes mud baths or undiscovered devilish creature? You decide.

    Number 7. The Amazonian Giant Centipedes
    Finding an unknown creature is terrifying for some, but what’s even scarier is coming across a real
    creature that has the potential to harm and even kill. Especially if it looks like this.
    The Amazonian Giant Centipede is among the largest centipedes in the world, growing to 12 inches or