Top 10 Most Amazing ABANDONED Vehicles Discovered!

  • Published on:  4/2/2020
  • Hi, it’s Katrina! From entire spacecraft, to luxury cars worth millions, here are 10 of the most unique and amazing abandoned vehicles in the world.

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    10. Fortune in a Barn
    And I am talking a BIG fortune! In early 2018, a North Carolina man named Warren Cramer contacted Barn Find Hunter host Tom Cotter about two extremely valuable classic cars inside his friend’s garage. The city had recently condemned the unoccupied property, and the house and garage were slated for demolition.

    9. Kiska Submarine
    On the far-flung Aleutian island of Kiska in Alaska sits an orca-shaped midget submarine from World War II. The Japanese Navy brought six of them when they occupied the island in 1942, but just one remains, serving as a rusting, lonely reminder of a contentious chapter in world history.

    8. Excavator Graveyard
    You want to know where the world’s biggest collection of deserted diggers is? They are located at a former East German coal mine in Ferropolis, northeastern Germany where they sit abandoned. And each weighs up to 2,000 tons!

    7. The Rohr Aerotrain
    Developed by French engineer Jean Bertin, the Aérotrain was an experimental Tracked Air Cushion Vehicle (TACV), better known as a hovertrain. The contraption traveled over a reinforced concrete monorail track on an air cushion created by powerful compressors.

    6. Backyard Ferrari
    Only 25 of the extremely rare 1950 Ferrari 166MM Barchetta were ever made. Surprisingly, most of them still exist, according to automotive historian Michael T. Lynch. “This was the car that made Ferrari,” he told SFGATE. “It was absolutely timeless from the day it was made.”

    5. Wild Eyes
    In January 2010, 16-year-old Abby Sunderland left Marina del Rey, California in her 40-foot (12 meters) yacht, Wild Eyes, to attempt to sail solo around the world. Sailing was in Sunderland’s blood. The previous year, her older brother, Zach, became the first person under 18 to sail around the world.

    4. Soviet Space Shuttles
    The Buran program was a Soviet reusable space shuttle project that began during the Space Race, a decades-long competition between the United States and the USSR to be the first to achieve milestones in space. The Soviet Union built the Buran spacecraft in an attempt to one-up NASA’s space shuttle program.

    3. Overland Train Mark II
    In 1958, the U.S. Government commissioned the Texan company, LeTourneau, to build the TC-497 Overland Train Mark II, a massive off-road land train designed to carry up to 150 tons of cargo. The 572-foot (174 meters) long, 54-wheel-drive vehicle was powered by four solar gas turbine engines with a cumulative 4,680 horsepower.

    2. TSS Duke Of Lancaster
    Built at the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast, Ireland, the TSS Duke of Lancaster was a British passenger ferry and cruise ship. When she first went into service, she had some of the best first-class service around, but she soon fell out of favor for newer ships.

    1. Dubai’s Abandoned Supercars
    It’s rare to see an extremely nice abandoned car -- unless you’re in Dubai, that is. Every year, between 2,000 and 3,000 luxury supercars are abandoned throughout the United Arab Emirates. Cars that pose safety hazards or obstruct traffic are eventually impounded, waste management department director, Abdul Majeed Saifaie, told Drivetribe, while others sit for years before being recovered.