Twitch Girl Gamer

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Found a girl while surfing twitch and well...

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  • sWooZie
    sWooZie  4 months ago+6153

    It’s not Valkyrae. I usually don’t hop on and say, “hey it’s not so and so” cuz I’d be here all day doing that. I only recently discovered her and she seems like a sweet person. Cross her off the list 😉

  • Herbert Robertson
    Herbert Robertson 6 hours ago

    She would gave been watching that movie by herself or most likely drop her at the airport

  • Death Angel
    Death Angel 16 hours ago

    Swoozie 😭

  • Wira G. Brawler
    Wira G. Brawler 17 hours ago

    Gosh DAMN. I was here watching this from A to Z, and I wanna say, you really got some reactions out of me like "OOH" "Damn" "wtf." kinda shit, bro you doin GOOD.

  • Ryanbffing
    Ryanbffing 20 hours ago

    I'm form nz

  • legoman
    legoman 22 hours ago


  • Bladewolf505
    Bladewolf505 23 hours ago

    this happens to me all the time :v except i dont buy them anything :v

  • Jäger The Fäger

    Do you mean twitch thot?

  • Riann Parker
    Riann Parker yesterday

    She texteded me she text

  • Drone_XJ 44
    Drone_XJ 44 yesterday


  • TheWinglessHawk
    TheWinglessHawk 2 days ago

    Already at the middle of your video I screamed "She has you on her hook!". :/ This makes me sad and mad. I am a gamer girl, but that... I want to know if that girl did it on purpose or didn't know shit, because honestly if a boy would pay for my expenses (which I hate a fuck ton) I would immediately know that he likes me. The only question left would be, if that person wants a real relationship or not.

  • Beatrice Oyiengo
    Beatrice Oyiengo 2 days ago

    My man that's my boy

  • Jade Vixen
    Jade Vixen 2 days ago

    Aye Swoozie "but I don't have the money" is not a test of what you can provide in a relationship unless you've already had some pg13+ conversations ijs. Even then....beware

  • gacha weekly
    gacha weekly 2 days ago

    what a bitch

  • D'Manuel Bryant
    D'Manuel Bryant 2 days ago

    Hey swoozie what’s up you haven’t posted for a while

  • Mysterious warrior 2

    I thought that was call of duty booty girl

  • Zay Plays
    Zay Plays 3 days ago

    What the f#*%^

  • Adnan A
    Adnan A 3 days ago+1

    I wish I was funny

  • NoRmMalL BOy
    NoRmMalL BOy 3 days ago

    Her boy friend has hairs complete opposite

  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Artist 3 days ago

    Swoozie why ain't you ever get a girl but you can get those subs. how?