Twitch Girl Gamer

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Found a girl while surfing twitch and well...Stalk Me:●Instagram:���Twitter:


  • sWooZie 9 months ago

    It’s not Valkyrae. I usually don’t hop on and say, “hey it’s not so and so” cuz I’d be here all day doing that. I only recently discovered her and she seems like a sweet person. Cross her off the list 😉

  • EZC_Spider 4 days ago

    sWooZie, lies.... LIES!!!!!!!!!

  • Jaylonie2010 10 months ago

    As your future wife I don't appreciate you trying to marry another girl 😒😒😒😝

  • Black Hedgonian an hour ago

    @Xhiom Xhoim YES

  • Kingendary Gamer an hour ago

    Doo Mooo

  • Swoozie is that type of dude to pay for his ex girlfriend's husband's kidney replacement

  • 降scarlet 3 days ago

    this is cute

  • Fabian69 6 days ago

    😂😂😂 damn

  • BoBo Subasi 5 months ago

    She's a gold digger

  • Rylon Harmon 6 days ago

    @geordiewill9 Swoozie specifically said it wasn't.

  • JustRelaxAnd Listen 1 months ago

    Swoozie has these many girl friends👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

  • Asura 2 days ago

    497... Nice...

  • 375...Accurate

  • Sharon Miller 5 months ago

    "Do you like me?" *Just payed for everything on this trip* Nahhh 😒😂😂

  • Mutta Nanba 10 months ago

    now i ain't sayin she a gold digger..

  • UC SM 11 hours ago

    But she ain’t messin, with no broke, broke, broke, niggas

  • Black Hedgonian an hour ago

    u ain't black

  • Max Wolf 4 months ago

    Imagine that, getting used by a twitch thot

  • Tony Tostitos 4 days ago

    Aspect SoulYT you absolute bafoon

  • EUPHORIC Le-WiS 5 days ago

    @Aspect SoulYT she could be a thot too. You don't know her life

  • Jesmagi 3 months ago

    A twitch girl who went from 13 viewers to a couple of hundred in a month or so... HIDES that she has a boyfriend... Sounds like a typical twitch thot to me. Thought you were better, Swooz.

  • EUPHORIC Le-WiS 5 days ago

    These fucking twitch thots

  • Weirdo Kween 6 days ago

    Jesmagi don’t you mean “thot”

  • manybalby 5 months ago

    I'm more concerned about the fact that she didn't offer to pay for anything. Even if it was just a water bottle or a piece of gum. I couldn't imagine having someone else pay for every single thing.