Halsey - Without Me (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

  • Published on:  12/3/2018
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  • Baby Alia (Apr 16, 2019)

    Halsey you’ve got armys by ur side 🥺🥺💕💘💖💗💖💞

  • softteok (1 day ago)

    Spring Day - ALWAYS~~

  • Lily Nguyễn (2 days ago)

    +Reverse Card ugh! You again???

  • Grace-Elyse Pelzer (Dec 3, 2018)

    What the hell is on her eyebrowsEdit: god I love triggering people 😂

  • xzerocodex (1 day ago)


  • She has a nice voice.

  • Zia Pcy (3 days ago)

    Can you just appreciate Halsey and her beautiful voice?

  • Dreamy subliminals (Feb 23, 2019)

    why are you guys dragging the models to compliment Halsey ?? Can’t you just say Halsey looks good without putting the other models down . They work so hard and prepare so much for this.

  • Scott Johnson  (4 days ago)

    +Mene Lutz I would munch then smash all of those skeletons except the paisley one.

  • AndySixx (5 days ago)

    „hard work“

  • Safina Ariska (Apr 17, 2019)

    halsey you're voice killed us.. can't wait billboard purple you halsey

  • Mya’s Monday ASMR (12 hours ago)

    Ørèø_Gåčhå :/- that was the username of the other guy.

  • cassie white (Feb 5, 2019)

    how is she soooo good without autotune? some artists get away with it but halsey, wow😍

  • random person (5 days ago)

    Halsey and adele are maybe the only two that sound good without auto tune

  • Gabby Esposito (Apr 18, 2019)

    +aerynsund3066 ooh thanks

  • moon fairy (Apr 16, 2019)

    as an army, i'm proud to say that she's one of bts' good friends 💜

  • MyOtaku Life (8 hours ago)

    Ew don't put bts here groosss Halsey has so much talent than that fake face bts of yours

  • Aleksand Alexander (Dec 4, 2018)

    To you ladies who feel insecure about these models, let me tell you something. I live in NY and I’ve seen some of these ladies on the street and don’t get me wrong they’re gorgeous but they don’t look like some heavenly extraterrestrial beauty queens. Some of them are pretty average and it’s the aura of the show and online that hyped them up to be extremely beautiful.

  • naeyon's tooth gap (2 days ago)

    lol wtf? These women are paid money for their beauty. There is no shame in being uglier than them, which most women are. Just like I'm uglier than some male GQ model.

  • ITZYAGIRL KAYLAH (3 days ago)

    Valentina There’s no such thing as a “normal” body. You wanna boost confidence? Tell people not to compare themselves because everyone’s beautiful not that they shouldn’t be too concerned about models because they’re average looking in real life💀🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Sarah Ahmed (3 days ago)

    No offense, but halsey's face looks prettier than those models.

  • RoboT MustGame (9 hours ago)

    eatsnailsmalfoy Yeah idk Girl that don’t show off too much make me attractive to them for some reason lol

  • Blanco y Negro (13 hours ago)


  • julienne lampa (Apr 15, 2019)

    I highkey have a crush on halsey in this vid. Like damn😍

  • Rusty SpyGoat (2 days ago)

    thats because there are no good female role models in our society portrayed in the media

  • +karma is an army She is better than BTS