Best VR Games 2021 by Genre (All platforms PCVR, PSVR, Quest)

  • Published on:  6/11/2021
  • Today we are checking out the best VR games as of 2021 by Genre. It doesn't matter if you are a fan of FPS, RTS, Puzzles or even MMOs, today we have you covered. This includes games for PlayStation VR, the Oculus Quest and PCVR. I even included upcoming titles and some free ones.

    Intro 00:00
    Story Driven Experience 00:40
    Lone Echo (PCVR)
    Hell Blade Senua's Sacrifice (PCVR)
    Vader Immortal (All Platforms)
    Farpoint (PSVR)
    Wandered (PCVR & PSVR) Coming soon

    Single Player Shooter 02:21
    Half-Life Alyx (PCVR)
    Robo-Recall (PCVR & Quest)
    Farpoint / Blood and Truth (PSVR)
    into the Darkness (PCVR) Coming soon

    Co-op Shooter 04:29
    Arizona Sunshine (All Platforms)
    Contractors (PCVR & QUest)
    Farpoint (PSVR)
    After The Fall (All Platforms) Coming Soon

    PVP Shooter 5:35
    Pavlov (PCVR & Quest)
    Onward (PCVR & Quest)
    Hyper-Dash (PCVR & Quest)
    Population One (PCVR & Quest)
    Alvo (PSVR)
    Larcenauts (PCVR & Quest) Coming soon

    Single Player RPG 06:13
    Asgard's Wrath (PVR)
    Skyrim VR (PCVR & PSVR)
    Journey of the Gods (PCVR & Quest)
    Undead Citadel (PCVR) Coming Soon

    Co-op RPG 07:10
    Karnage Chronicles (PCVR)
    Demeo (PCVR & Quest)

    MMO 07:52
    Orbus VR (PCVR & Quest)
    Zenith (All platforms) Coming soon
    Illysia (PCVR & Quest) Coming soon
    A Township Tale (PCVR) Free

    Wave Shooter 08:41
    Space Pirate Trainer (All Platforms)
    Swarm (PCVR & Quest)
    Super Hot (All Platforms)

    Platformer 09:28
    Moss (All platforms)
    Astro Bot (PSVR)
    Ven VR Adventures (PCVR)
    Carly and the Reaper man (PCVR & Quest)

    Open World 10:02
    No Man's Sky (PCVR & PSVR)

    Sandbox 10:30
    Boneworks (PCVR)
    Blade and Sorcery (PCVR)
    Dreams (PSVR)
    Sport Mode (Quest App Lab)

    Rhythm 11:00
    Beat Saber (All platforms)
    Pistol Ship (All platforms)
    Synth Riders (PCVR & Quest)
    Against (PCVR) Coming Soon

    Puzzle 11:38
    Moss (All platforms)
    I expect you to die (All platforms)

    Horror 12:15
    Resident Evil 7 (PSVR)
    Phasmophobia (PCVR)
    Lies Beneath (PCVR & Quest)
    Jurassic World Aftermath (Quest)

    Survival 13:27
    The Forest (PCVR)
    Oceancraft (Quest App Lab)
    Green Hell (PCVR & Quest)
    Song of Smoke (PSVR)

    Until you Fall (All Platforms)
    In Death Unchained (Quest)
    The Persistence (PCVR & PSVR)
    Yuki (PCVR & Quest) Coming Soon

    Arena Fighting 15:28
    Gorn (All platforms)
    Hellsplit Arena (PCVR)
    Swordsman VR (PCVR & PSVR)

    PVP Fighting 15:58
    Swords Of Gurrah (PCVR)
    Ironlights (PCVR & Quest)

    Party Games 16:28
    Takelings House Party (PCVR)
    Acron attack of the Squirrels (PCVR & Quest)
    Traffic Jam (All Platforms)

    RTS 17:20
    Battlegroup VR (PCVR)
    Final Assault (PCVR & PSVR)
    Guardians (PCVR & Quest)

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