Kevin Durant Jr - 6'5 sixth grader Emoni Bates has CRAZY POTENTIAL - NEO Youth Elite

  • Published on:  7/14/2016
  • The next Kevin Durant may just be a kid from Michigan. 6'5 sixth grader Emoni Bates has taken the youth basketball scene by storm and is being called Kevin Durant Jr. Emoni first gained national attention after a video released by D Rich TV. Bates has a smooth outside jumper, ridiculous ball handling skills for his size, and plays the game in an eerily similar way to Kevin Durant.

    The best is yet to come from Emoni as he will clearly still add speed and athleticism to his game in coming years. At the NEO Youth Elite Camp the Class of 2022 prospect was unstoppable. Bates also had a big time showing at the 2016 Midwest Nationals where he ran with super team We All Can Go (WACG).


  • Ice Boi (Jul 14, 2016)

    6'5 in 6th grade, bruh I was 5'0 😂😂

  • Sun Cease (1 day ago)

    Nobody cares

  • Jackass Dick (May 17, 2019)

    He gonna be 8’9 when he graduates

  • Meeks Almighty (Jul 15, 2016)

    if he is 6'5 in 6th grade he is probably goin to be a 7 footer

  • madjoe2001 (Jul 15, 2016)

    i was 4"11 in the 6th grade what

  • Tyshawn (Jun 15, 2018)

    Damn I’m 6’11 in 9th grade.

  • KAD (Apr 10, 2018)

    I was 5"6 like wtf

  • Terre Green (Mar 2, 2017)

    He got game, he don't got food.

  • Vincent E Stone (May 9, 2019)

    +fifty shades of black He's a SIXTH GRADER, Bro.

  • Vincent E Stone (May 9, 2019)

    He's a sixth grader, YOU smart dumb-ass IDIOT !

  • James Jacques (May 1, 2019)

    I love it look forward to seeing him in college then the NBA!!!

  • XXV Maq (Jul 15, 2016)

    will he go golden state tho?

  • lil tre (Dec 27, 2018)

    +Money Man hold this L number 1 player in class 2022 you dont know talent bet you would pick greg oden over kd

  • S Parker (Jul 30, 2018)


  • Reginald Lovely (May 3, 2019)

    Abdul jabber was like this in grade school

  • Parrots Parrot (Jul 15, 2016)

    He needs to get that attitude in check before it haunts him. He's eventually going to stop working as hard.

  • LakersLegend 2414 (Mar 20, 2019)

    Lakenya Hopkins exactly ... hes pretty humble off court... on court, he is in his own world nd is a different animal💯💯

  • Lakenya Hopkins (Mar 20, 2019)

    Watch his blog he is a nice kid! They way you play on the court and in life is different!

  • jerrod satterfield (May 3, 2019)

    Wow this future is bright for this young man

  • Bryson Nesbit (Jul 15, 2016)

    Ok im touchin rim rn and im comin up on 6 foot. After all the shorter kids ive seen with sum bunnies he should definetely be dunking

  • garfff wayyy (Jul 5, 2018)

    Jam Lmao dang u rlly need to work on your ups im 5'7 or 8 maybe even 9 and i can touch rim trust me just put in the work ik this is late

  • Vincent Bernardo (Jun 13, 2018)

    Bryson Nesbit proving your self to be the best is an insult.