STUFFED Fish, Fried then SMOKED!! Catch and Cook IN ALASKA!!!

  • Published on:  9/12/2019
  • Made up this recipe while on the boat coming back to the marina after a successful day of fishing. First day in Ketchikan, Alaska was a big success. Day two will be even more of a success! Keep an eye out for the next several videos because I think they'll turn out great! Recipe Below!!

    For the recipe I used a large Rockfish fillet. Skinned it and butterflied it. Stuffed it with bacon, cheese and avocado. Next time I would probably hold off on the avocado. I coated that with batter and put it in some very hot oil to crisp up the batter. The Rockfish meat was quite thick so after frying on both sides for 2 minutes it was still raw. Threw it in the smoker at a high temperature for 25 minutes and what we had was utterly delicious! You could really taste the smokey flavor! I'd highly recommend trying this recipe!!!

    Big shout out and thank you to Alaska Strike Zone for making this trip possible. If you ever plan to visit Ketchikan, Alaska definitely hit them up for some great fishing.

    Also, thank you to Peter from Lighthouse Lures for coming along on the trip and providing a lot of the jig heads, swimbaits and jigs we used on the trip. The lure that I caught the big Lingcod and Cabezon on was the Mega Bites Mega Shad Tandem Single hook lure. Deadly!

    And of course the trip wouldn't be possible without knowing TJ and Jan. Thank you Jan for the awesome camera work! Great to see you guys again!!

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