How do the earth and stars showcase God's design? - Dr. Stuart Burgess

  • Published on:  5/31/2020
  • Taken from "Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol 2 : Life & Design." Available in full here:

    Explore the fascinating fields of biology, genetics, and intelligent design with 16 in-depth interviews featuring Del Tackett and six scientists from the film.

    In this video, engineer Stuart Burgess and Del Tackett explore how God designed different parts of the planet during the first four days of creation, including the irreducible complexity in many systems and materials.

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    After completing his PhD in the area of machine design, Dr. Stuart Burgess worked for the European Space Agency for five years mainly working on the ENVISAT earth observation satellite which is the largest earth observation civilian satellite in the world. He designed the solar array deployment mechanism including inventing a new type of gearbox – the double action worm gear set. He spent three years at Cambridge University as an Assistant Director of Research and Bye-Fellow of Selywn College. He led the design of the chain drive on the bicycles used by Team GB in the Rio Olympics where the cycling team won 6 gold medals and broke two world records. He has been at Bristol University since 1997 mainly working in the area of design optimization of mechanical systems and biomechanical systems.

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