[AZ/화이자백신]1,2차접종 후 항체검사 충격적인 결과!Shocking antibody test results after 1st and 2nd inoculation #COVID

  • Published on:  7/2/2021
  • Following the first vaccination conducted in March, the antibody
    enough time to form. After 4 weeks, this time all the vaccinated
    Antibody testing was performed.

    What was the result? AZ vaccine and Pfizer vaccine were initially
    Antibody formation and prevention rates are very different, so many people
    Depending on the type of vaccine, antipathy was also expressed.

    However, the results of the antibody test conducted at Hope Chan Hospital this time were
    The shocking results have come
    This result is more than 90% consistent with overseas research data that have been recently published.
    appeared to match.

    How are rumors based on vaccines made so far?
    How much did you believe?

    Now, I hope that all the controversies and all the rumors are sorted out at once with this one video.

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