Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Episode 8 - Team Four Star (TFS)

  • Published on:  10/13/2017
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  • James Bearss 1 years ago

    seras victoria's little giggle after Dracula rubs her head is just the most pure thing in the entire world

  • aerial 11 yesterday

    not gonna lie, I felt the giddiness myself it was so powerful

  • Asbestos Fish 22 days ago

    William Cintron In the English version, _it’s so much better/worse_

  • zero mixer 6 months ago

    Maxwell: we're here to save you!Random guy: yay, it's the Catholic Church.Maxwell: from yourselves!!Random guy: oh no, it's the Catholic Church. XD

  • Big Maq 7 hours ago

    Dany Hatory Yet it’s the biggest denomination

  • Dany Hatory 26 days ago

    And this is why I hate Catholics

  • Matt McCanty 3 months ago

    Ironically, the only reason Alucard could sail right up the Thames to attack the Nazis was because they had already burned down London Bridge.

  • Nero2K 11 days ago

    Fuck that, it's Alucard. he would have gladly crashed the ship and destroyed the bridge (while singing the song) himself.

  • LegerKlakkeG 15 days ago

    @C.K.Y F

  • Jeepers Scoob 5 months ago

    "Don't weep for the stupid, you'd be crying all day" Words to live by.

  • Sgtnolisten 26 days ago

    I damn near collapsed laughing at work when I heard that.

  • guts 38 a months ago


  • David R. 6 months ago

    TFS: * breathes*YouTube: * pulls videos*

  • Erik Lopez 16 hours ago

    @THE POTATO GOD there was a phase I went thru earlier this year where I would literally listen to this at work as opposed to music. I figured out that one entire season equated to about 3, 3.5 hrs so 2 listens and maybe some music would get me through the whole day

  • THE POTATO GOD 17 hours ago

    Holy shit people are rewatching this like I am?

  • KB10 HD 3 months ago

    2:37 Seras ' why don't u try sticking it in me again, I might like it this time.'Is it me or is she a million times hotter now she's a fully fledged vampire

  • Asbestos Fish yesterday

    KB10 HD You quiet the fuck down before Shäd hears.

  • Justin Piccolo yesterday

    @Raven Heilagr If it wasn't for sticking my dick in crazy, I'd never get laid! Heyooo *sobs internally*

  • Papounator 6 months ago

    you'll Notice how as soon as Seras becomes a full-fledged Vampire, they (Everyone in the Hellsing Organization Including Alucard) all start referring to her using her real name instead of just calling her "Police Girl". Guess that means she's part of the Family now.

  • Justin Piccolo yesterday

    @Alex Schwieterman And Walter gave unleashed Alucard a decent run for his money. Like Alucard himself said, his "powers are bullshit".

  • Alex Schwieterman 24 days ago

    @luis villasenor But Seras just got the Power, and she tore through how many Millennium forces?

  • Zash of The Kyobi 6 months ago

    So a Vampire, a Werewolf, and Frankenstein walk into a bar..

  • DR G.fimhouse 23 days ago

    And its a shit-storm.

  • luis villasenor 28 days ago

    @simon may what

  • Dragonlover553 2 months ago

    What I find funny is that Anderson knew that Alucard was Dracula the whole time, and apparently thought it was so obvious he never told Maxwell.

  • Ganamabunta08 20 days ago

    I'm fairly certain that he didn't disclose that information just to fuck with Anderson "a wee" more.

  • Trey Bryner 3 months ago

    15:53Can we just talk about how Alucard just made an omnipotent, eternally patient deity actually FRUSTRATED?!

  • King Thesus 3 days ago


  • ralph alejandrino 8 days ago

    @LibertyofFate whoooosh