SOLVED: Yanny or Laurel

  • Published on:  5/15/2018
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  • Ayah A 1 years ago

    The devil works fast, but jacksfilms works faster

  • Utopes 1 years ago

    Ayah Jones NOOOOOO. Gg. You win.

  • sid assassin 1 years ago

    *pls kill me*

  • Nebu Alpha 1 years ago


  • Erik M. 1 years ago

    sid assassin no u

  • Smol Bean 1 years ago

    I hear ”Be a Klondike”

  • LemonOVA 1 years ago


  • Adriana McCallister 11 months ago

    +Warvell1 you are a superhero my dood

  • Breezy 11 months ago


  • Chris 1 years ago

    All I hear is "Number 15, burger king foot lettuce"

  • Listen Boi 8 months ago

    Chris ..... thank u

  • Cringe Nation 11 months ago

    Dead meme

  • MemeCity 1 years ago

    I hear gold and white

  • Adriana McCallister 11 months ago

    +Guinea pig POWER hopefully....

  • Guinea pig POWER 11 months ago

    Wrong vid buddy. It’s okay. You’ll learn.

  • katie 🖤 1 years ago

    what? all you guys are fighting about whether it’s “laurel” or “yanny”? all i can hear is “daddy thanos”. someone please tell me im not the only one.

  • MissesKitty 11 months ago

    all i hear is blue and black

  • ROSK09 1 years ago

    I know right, I thought I was the only one

  • Emily B 1 years ago

    That moment when the ad is longer than the video

  • Izzy Milkowski 1 years ago

    I heard the Declaration of Independence? Did anyone else hear it?

  • n3p 1 years ago

    ummm who didn't

  • Anu 1 years ago

    I hear "Black and Blue" but my friend said that he heard "White and Gold"

  • Adriana McCallister 11 months ago

    Woah guys don't hate the memer hate the meme

  • AleK 1 years ago

    lol get owned kid