Tennis Umpires Considering Boycott on Serena Williams ft. Steve Greene & Nikki Limo

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Tennis umpires are reportedly considering a boycott on Serena Williams’ matches.Tennis Drama News - Thanks to Our Guests & Friends:Steve Greene• YouTube:• Twitter:• Instagram:• Facebook: Limo• YouTube:• Facebook:• Twitter:• Instagram:• Hosted by Tiffany Del Real• Commentary by: Steve Greene, Nikki Limo, Joe Jo, Bart Kwan, Geo Antoinette• Edited by Patrick Parado: JKNews Articles Here: THE CREW:Main Cast~• Joe Jo:• Bart Kwan:• Geo Antoinette:• Tiffany Del Real: Manager~• Jessica Caldwell: Producer~• Julia Chow: SUBSCRIBE TO OUR OTHER CHANNELS • JUST KIDDING FILMS:• JUST KIDDING PARTY:• JOE'S CHANNEL:• BART & GEO'S CHANNEL:• BARBELL BRIGADE CHANNEL:• TIFF & CASE'S CHANNEL: FOLLOW AND LIKE US HERE:• INSTAGRAM:• FACEBOOK:• TWITTER:• MERCHANDISE:


  • Huddo Champ
    Huddo Champ 11 months ago+849

    Geo's the kind of person to watch one video about something and then instantly become an expert.

  • daisyshonae
    daisyshonae 11 months ago+186

    It just broke my heart when Naomi apologized for winning

  • cheaseeds
    cheaseeds 11 months ago+1284

    I really love you guys JK but you guys got the story all wrong. Also, Naomi did win. She was killing Serena out there on the court. Not even close to disqualification.

  • Josh Arma
    Josh Arma 11 months ago+171

    Nope jk cast dropped the ball on this one. Creating assumptions and not viewing the whole situation and without considering everyone affected especially poor Naomi and neglecting to drop their bias with the beloved Serena. SMH

  • Danielle Kim
    Danielle Kim 11 months ago+775

    Wtf? "It's not a real win"? Geo, you're 100% wrong on this. Naomi didn't win by disqualification at all. First of all, she absolutely killed Serena the entire game. Not to mention how she beat Serena at a different tournament earlier this year. Why else do you think Serena smashed her racket and caused a fit? Second, only ONE game, in one set, was taken from Serena. Naomi earned her win and that's a fact.
    Don't minimize Naomi's win and her accomplishment. The only crappy thing about the situation is how overshadowed it was bc of the drama.

  • Dat_Simba_Crazy
    Dat_Simba_Crazy 11 months ago+305

    I've been watching tennis closely for over 5 years and I lost brain cells while listening to geo talk

  • Kinpatu 65
    Kinpatu 65 11 months ago+221

    "she didn't really win though" - Geo 2018. No she did. It was not a win by disqualification, Osaka was outplaying her the entire game, could she have taken a set from Osaka? Maybe, but even before the penalty she was already losing. FOH with that "She didn't really win" shit. The call was bullshit, but do not dare take away from the accomplishment of this young athlete. That was mad disrespectful.

  • Sarah
    Sarah 11 months ago+218

    What are they talking about? Osaka killed it! And it's not her first time winning against Serena!

  • zofobread
    zofobread 11 months ago+359

    Geo also got the facts wrong. The win was legit. None of the panel even watches tennis or watched the match. They got none of the facts right.

  • prod.Ralph
    prod.Ralph 11 months ago+132

    Why are you guys making up facts as you go. and yall dont even watch tennis smh

  • Traditz
    Traditz 11 months ago+57

    Tiff should have done more research... what about the video of Osaka's winning speech and Serena's tantrums throughout the match? And Geo has the nerve to say "It wasn't a real win"...

  • Brandon Nguyen
    Brandon Nguyen 11 months ago+204

    please remake this, disappointing for me... jknews

  • kiana boston
    kiana boston 11 months ago+90

    So one thing you guys got wrong. It wasn't a win by disqualification. Naomi beat Serena pretty fairly. She was dominant throughout the match.

  • Mik Cenon
    Mik Cenon 11 months ago+75

    God you guys are wrong. They finished the game!!!! The final score was 6-2 6-4 wtf. Serena was getting dominated the whole match.

  • Deja Vue
    Deja Vue 11 months ago+69

    First video that I've disliked. No research on the whole story and no explanation on why the umpire did what he did and why and how Serena lost. All they did was show the clip of Serena claiming sexism and of course Geo jumps on right away. Now I'm no tennis expert or even a fan, but from the articles I've read and videos watched, Serena was in the wrong.

  • Ger Leg
    Ger Leg 11 months ago+260

    Osaka did win FFS .. won the first and the second set, Serena wasn't DQ ... she just lost a game, Osaka won farely

  • Leo31291
    Leo31291 11 months ago+259

    Very classy ? Really Bart. Wow
    Osaka didn't even win ? I love JK but their news is all over the place

  • vincecvn
    vincecvn 11 months ago+218

    They need to delete this video because almost everything they said was wrong. It's embarrassing for them how misinformed they are. It's hard to watch, first video I just stopped watching of them.

  • Bruno Anderson
    Bruno Anderson 11 months ago+294

    Geo needs to STFU about what she doesn't know. The match itself was played until the end. Naomi beat Serena. The game didn't just stop completely. Osaka was going to win regardless, it's just upsetting that the game itself ended sooner than it should have.

  • Ernesto Rodriguez
    Ernesto Rodriguez 11 months ago+121

    Get yours facts right! Naomi definitely beat Serena before the penalization. Her win was overshadowed by Serena rants. We will se a lot more of Naomi Osaka! Serena is borderline of retirement.