Tennis Umpires Considering Boycott on Serena Williams ft. Steve Greene & Nikki Limo



  • Soho Beat NY
    Soho Beat NY 1 months ago

    Who the F#%* is this braintrust getting the facts wrong? I’ll change the channel now

  • eljefe1989
    eljefe1989 1 months ago+1

    I love u guys, i truly do
    But this is the episode where "Dominate Humbly" loses all of its meaning when u support the most egotistical and self-centered tennis player of the moment
    Come on, Serena is an asshole, and she has been an asshole during her entire career, she has NEVER accepted when they call her out for her shit (even with video evidence).
    She managed to make the entire final about her, although she didn't lose because of the foul (she was 6-2 and 5-4 losing), and she is damned fast to play the woman and racial card every single time she loses.

  • Asia Sketches
    Asia Sketches 2 months ago

    Shes been suffering of blood clots for a while and For her to have a baby that makes me an even worse in the league knows that So for her to get penalised for what she was wearing that's even worse

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 2 months ago

    That’s a fucking man

  • Moni Ka
    Moni Ka 2 months ago

    the sexism is flipping everywhere, like seriously people it's not stone age anymore when people didn't know better!

  • Sports Sidelined
    Sports Sidelined 2 months ago

    It’s not a Game 🤦‍♂️ it’s a MATCH

  • Autumn Swift
    Autumn Swift 2 months ago

    I only started to hear about this girl in the recent years. I had no idea who she was. But I knew who Tiger Woods was. And I underatand Tennis is her life but if you're having problems with blood clots, why are you playing tennis? Even if she has the thing to help, can't you wait until you're fully heal?

  • dedy amin-sa
    dedy amin-sa 2 months ago+1

    very classy? whaatttt????

  • Blitzy
    Blitzy 2 months ago+3

    “Not a real win” “very classy” guys wtf are you saying

  • Ajax Johnson
    Ajax Johnson 2 months ago+3

    Geo! You are WAY too bias towards Serena in this case. She was wrong point blank period! The key reason all of this happened is because Osaka was whipping her ass in the match to begin with!
    Serena has proved many times that when she is losing, her composure fades away fast! She became unprofessional and robbed Osaka of her pure victory.

  • A L E X
    A L E X 2 months ago+1

    Anybody defending Naomi is only saying unsportsmanlike behavior blah blah and “it was a real win” but none of yall are right

  • h k
    h k 2 months ago+1

    Dumbass Geo back at it 10:35. Confident ignorance is the worst kind. Acting like Osaka didn't get her win. They played the entire match that Osaka was dominating from the start. Serena lost a game...ONE game as a penalty. Not the entire match. It didn't just stop like Geo said with such stupid confidence and authority. Geo acting like she's the authority on tennis in the group when she doesn't even know what a game is. Shes the worst. Like making a mistake is fine and all, but don't act like you know everything and say shit with such authority about a sport you clearly don't even know the basics of. Does this bull shit on jkp too. Know-it-all ass is always wrong damn.

  • Ha Ha
    Ha Ha 2 months ago+2

    That coach is know for being strict. This wasn’t a sexist issue, this wasn’t a racist issue. It was just a strict coach and an issue that Serena herself escalated by slamming her own racket on the floor after losing and constantly attacking the coach. It could’ve been one violation but she kept going and I don’t understand why. If she did face all these struggles leading up to this match then the reasonable thing would be to protest outside of the game. If she wants to protest during an official match she shouldn’t be surprised of the consequences.

  • SongRater1though50
    SongRater1though50 2 months ago+2

    Geo trying to support Serena and her individual rights by completely ignoring Naomi's well deserved win. Females really out here killin' other females. Feminism never evenly distributed.

  • Legodog890
    Legodog890 2 months ago

    Ok the comments is legit shitting on them they arent real news crew people they're getting they could be wrong but there no need to point it all out yeah may not know about tennis but the get there information form other news sources it the other fault not them plus they say it then state thier opinions that's the point of this channel

  • Mihan Baseball
    Mihan Baseball 2 months ago

    First JK video I've disliked.

  • Faker Senpai
    Faker Senpai 2 months ago+1

    you guys are biased as fuck, I feel like I’m watching a news channel on TV, very disappointed jknews

  • Fernando Sato
    Fernando Sato 2 months ago

    Fuck all of this, ya'll got it all wrong.

  • Leon
    Leon 2 months ago+1

    Really guys? Do more research on the topic before talking about it more. I know you guys talk about subjects one video after another on same days sometimes. But none of you even pointed out on Serena breaking her racket. Look at multiple sources instead of pulling a CNN.

  • I forgot my name
    I forgot my name 2 months ago