Chhattisgarh के CIMS में COVID Ward ICU में जाने वाले स्टाफ को PPE तो दूर, मास्क तक मयस्सर नहीं

  • Published on:  5/8/2021
  • India is grappling with a deadly surge in COVID-19 cases. Chattisgarh, one of the worst affected parts of India, is in a state of emergency. Ground realities show that COVID-19 has now also spread to rural areas of Chattisgarh. Most of the Hospitals in the state are full. Many Hospitals are turning away patients.

    To understand the severity of COVID-19 second wave, Team Lallantop visited the Chattisgarh Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS) in Bilaspur. CIMS is one of the largest hospitals of Chattisgarh. Team Lallantop visited the COVID ward of CIMS and talked with the front line workers here. Watch this video for more details.

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