The Psychopathic Mindset of Michael Jordan

  • Published on:  5/17/2017
  • Narrated by I.P. Freely. A peek into how Michael Jordan established himself as the best basketball player ever by willing himself in many ways in order to perform at the highest level on and off the court. And please remember, Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever, and probably always will be.

    *A few minutes has been edited out of the video (the Olympic footage involving Toni Kukoc) for copyright reasons, but at least a lot of that got covered in the recent documentary 'The Last Dance'. Somehow the end of the interview with Doug Collins got trimmed unintentionally, and I'll try to fix that soon if possible. This was originally uploaded in 2017 and edited by yours truly in order to showcase what it took to get to the otherwise obtainable level Michael was able to get to.

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