• 2RAW_Zaza 9 months ago

    Name one streamer funnier than can’t 🙅‍♂️

  • AHMAD ahmad1949R 8 months ago

    I love d'Aran

  • Susan Murdock 8 months ago

    You are the best

  • Jiren 9 months ago

    Legend has it, if you ooga booga 3 kids , Dae will appear in your lobby and take your toes

  • Griffin Wentz 7 months ago

    Not kids, but TTV headasses

  • Demitrius Corsbie 8 months ago

    Jiren s

  • Chronic JustinYT 9 months ago

    I swear if you see dae using a male skin he had gotten his toes sucked

  • XOmegaFlare 9 months ago

    @Dimes災冬 D O U B L E O O F

  • Dimes災冬 9 months ago

    Oof Lol that’s your name

  • Knock On Wood 9 months ago

    I barely see daequan kill people with his famous 360 OOGA BOOGA BOOGA in the first shot.

  • Thumbnail Heaven. 9 months ago

    Don't take my toes!!!

  • Alijah Williams 9 months ago

    Woodson Orelien a bitch

  • Andy Vidal 9 months ago

    Daequan: Wants to land on buildingFortnite: has other plans

  • SavageGamer 3242 9 months ago

    That A lot Of Damage

  • Andy Vidal 9 months ago

    @Da Boss 3000 that's pretty freaking cool

  • stxxrmy 9 months ago

    Who else thinks its funny when daequan says nooo

  • PropheticPhilosopher 9 months ago

    Rosena Broyles is it legit

  • Gaming Canvic 9 months ago

    Thanks to Bcc for the inspirations they gave me to start a channel!! Am now at 20K Subscribers!! PS: If you need a shoutout or wanna play with me comment your Psn under my recent video ❤️🔥🔥

  • Hey Jose 9 months ago

    "A wild daequan" I'm weak 😂The only wild daequan you gonna be seeing is on the bed😏

  • Noodlelover 9 months ago

    Daequan Loco You're the best brother me and my NZ friend play fn heeaps we are so funny together, we always talk about you haha, BOP some bucks 😍 We call ourselfs south side certified buck hunters g 😂

  • Eymahn Kennon 9 months ago

    Do you think your better than ninja

  • Smiller Espinal 9 months ago

    Daequan makes my day. I be having a great night watching him everyday

  • PK King - Fortnite 9 months ago

    beat dat meat boi

  • Man Boy 9 months ago

    That’s suss

  • Lazzard Up 9 months ago

    Here we can see a wild daequan in his natural habitat (TLC)

  • Sventhegamer 9 months ago

    I hate this game so much. 2 people left I saw the other ran to him shooting him twice with a blue pump 1 HEADSHOT 25 damage and the other 12 with a distance of 3 M and than he hit me once with a dubble barrel and I lost the game

  • A1922 2514 8 months ago

    @Arkaan Wismantoro git a life you loser

  • Arkaan Wismantoro 8 months ago

    @A1922 2514 git gud