Jets vs. Browns Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2018



  • Capt. Creek
    Capt. Creek 15 minutes ago

    Dayum Baker is sending darts out there

  • xXBDawkinsXx
    xXBDawkinsXx 16 minutes ago

    Tyrod getting "hurt" was probably the biggest highlight

  • Eastside O
    Eastside O 19 minutes ago

    The fans should've rushed the field. Great to know Cleveland finally got a W. I'll say this now: please don't jump on the bandwagon if and when this franchise becomes great like the Golden State Warriors did a few years back.

  • Kasish Msp
    Kasish Msp 19 minutes ago+1

    Sub to my channel and comment sub and i will sub to you 😃

  • Polo Life
    Polo Life 21 minutes ago

    Tyrod is a bum anyway

  • Candy
    Candy 21 minutes ago


  • LyDerren Green
    LyDerren Green 22 minutes ago

    I’m no where near a browns fan but damn I wanted to see them finally win! 😂😂😂

  • Mark 2909
    Mark 2909 22 minutes ago+1

    Congrats browns you have always been my second favorite team. Lovable losers

  • Asar Ptah
    Asar Ptah 23 minutes ago

    Excellent comeback for The Browns first win,momentum change when ending of the second quarter.
    Defensively Browns deserve the Win, Mayfield,Landry and Hyde excellent on the offence.

  • Dat0n3 GuYD0uGH
    Dat0n3 GuYD0uGH 23 minutes ago

    Let’s be honest EVERYBODY in the NFL were happy

  • Larry Armstrong
    Larry Armstrong 23 minutes ago

    Jags fan here!! Way to go browns!! Was rooting for all the way.

  • Joe Rivera
    Joe Rivera 24 minutes ago

    Browns defense coming thru all game

  • Uppity Sombitch #SuperVillain


  • Salsa Karin
    Salsa Karin 24 minutes ago


  • Der Jäger
    Der Jäger 25 minutes ago

    Real talk, I'm glad the browns won

  • Joey
    Joey 25 minutes ago

    I always root for the browns because i feel bad for them.

  • Chris Cheetam
    Chris Cheetam 25 minutes ago

  • Kevo TB
    Kevo TB 26 minutes ago

    I guess the bucs are the most hated team why does everybody like the browns now?🤔

  • Djibouti Is Mines
    Djibouti Is Mines 26 minutes ago

    Don't tell me Cleveland wouldn't be 3-0 with Baker

  • Detox Dave
    Detox Dave 27 minutes ago

    9 months from now, there's gonna be alot of babies born...