HOW TO HAVE REAL CONFIDENCE | David Goggins Motivation

  • Published on:  3/24/2020
  • HOW TO HAVE REAL CONFIDENCE | David Goggins Motivation


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    Speaker: David Goggins

    David Goggins is known as The Toughest Man on the Planet. Watch as Goggins details what it took for him to become confident during his darkest times and how you can become confident as well. He explains that the biggest obstacle was himself and how he gained true, authentic confidence. Real confidence comes from hard work and putting in the hours. When you have real true authentic confidence from hard work, you will not need approval from anyone. From his own experience, David Goggins worked for years at his kitchen table learning how to read and write. He knew he could catch the valedictorian of his class, even if he had to work 10 hours a day and the valedictorian only studied for 1 hour. In the end, David Goggins gave his 3 truths. First, you are the superhero. Do not try to be like someone else. Second, do not take the easy road. Real permanent change comes from taking the hard road. His final truth, when you get to your destination and feel like you've made it, you're not there yet. Go dominate your life!


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