iPhone XS: Spot the difference! (YIAY #444)

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
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  • Shane Peters 9 months ago

    #YIAYhate I hate when youtubers depend on their comments section for 90% of their content

  • Temmie Mew 2 days ago

    U got in bro

  • Pootie Tang 9 months ago

    lol best comment.

  • Infinite 9 months ago

    I got this as an ad. I mean I got Jacks video. Not the iPhone ad. Disappointed.

  • localgingerboy TV 4 months ago


  • auto aries 9 months ago


  • ShowYaFriends 9 months ago

    Why did I see this as an ad on another video, John?

  • Rori Ayn 9 months ago

    #YIAYhate I hate it when YouTubers re-use a question from a live show.

  • Declan Kirby 8 months ago

    I laughed out loud when I heard your answer! Good job!

  • Gum Skyloard 9 months ago


  • #YIAYhate I hate when YouTubers don't pick me for yiay (cough cough )

  • Wilo Polis 8 months ago

    What the heck I found an actually wholesome reply threadAlso yeah good answer, hope ya get picked 👌

  • Kay Lynn haha glad someone did

  • Ya Boi Guzma 9 months ago

    #YAIYhate I hate when YouTubers make half of a video and the rest is ads.

  • Ya Boi Guzma 9 months ago

    We'll get em next time fellas😔

  • Ya Boi Guzma 9 months ago

    @Alex Rosu I gotchu

  • Avery Farrington 9 months ago

    #YAIYhate I hate it when Youtubers say they're real human beings.

  • Ultra Lonk 9 months ago

    I hate it when youtubers say Canada is real.

  • Gum Skyloard 6 months ago

    And I hate it when people say Finland is real.C'mon, everyone knows there's no such thing as "Cá-nada", or "Finns-land", pfft.

  • kodak white 3 months ago

    The R in iphone R stands for robbery "iphone Robbery"

  • Dayanad Biju 3 months ago

    kodak white I have an IPhone XR and it is amazing, got it for 900 cad

  • goomba lover76 9 months ago

    #YIAYhate i hate when YouTubers make a series and don't continue it... (fix your pix)