Alexander Anderson: A Hellsing X Hamilton Parody - TFS Tunes | Team Four Star

  • Published on:  10/14/2017
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  • Dom Huerta 1 years ago

    Press F to pay respects to Anderson

  • Merlin 3 hours ago


  • Asbestos Fish 2 days ago

    Dom Huerta *F*

  • Logan Gonzales 1 years ago

    Alexander Anderson: The only Hellsing villain who's death was mourned by many

  • Roguechicken 47 4 days ago

    @lakitubomber ooo Yeah but didn't Alucard borderline eat like...idk lets say a solid 70-ish% of London?

  • Fire puppies 10 days ago

    @Yal Rathol technically most of those people were dead or zombified due to the Nazis.

  • Jango Dude 1 years ago

    Welp time to go nail the lyrics of this onto the nearest catholic church

  • Samuraiofslide 1 months ago

    please do that

  • The Celtic Warrior 2 months ago

    Fucking Protestants..AAAHHHHHH!!!

  • Noah G.  1 years ago

    Second verse same as the firstNOW GET ME ON A PLANE SO I CAN PUT THEM IN A HURST

  • Leijon Legion 2 hours ago

    @NotVeryFunny Gaming it's at 670 now

  • If anyone breaks the 666 i will actually stab them

  • Iztastic Bachman 1 years ago

    "What chapter of the Bible is that""Boondock Saints. My favorite movie""Ha ha. Called it."

  • Vizun Alvarez 17 days ago

    @Frank Garza Genesis 6:9

  • Ike Eisenacher 7 months ago

    The dislikers must’ve been Protestants

  • Dim Ser 24 days ago

    seriously I am cant stop laughing

  • dar'man beskar Ordo 1 months ago

    Bitch I am Protestant and I love this shit. Eat a vampire dong you Catholics cockbite

  • GENERALSEALSHOW 6 months ago

    Alexander Anderson went to heaven and Jesus offered him an eternity of joy but Anderson saw a shotgun and asked Jesus to send him to hell so he could kill demons with guns this time and that’s how we got doomguy

  • The Boss 8 days ago

    Imagine Anderson wielding the Crucible

  • Magikarp's Ghost 10 days ago

    he used bayonets and only bayonets lol.

  • King Awesome 7 months ago

    Am I the only one that absolutely loves abridged seras' voice?

  • Brandon Bevill 2 months ago

    @Zaiaku666 I might be wrong about this, but I think its supposed to be fine to address them as 'she' when it's in the past tense before transition, especially when they hadn't come out as trans at the time of their work. I think that is person to person though, but that's the rule I usually go by. Regardless, no one mentioned them by he nor she so I think we're good.

  • Zaiaku666 2 months ago

    @Kalyn Newbold Apparently, Nowacking came out as an FTM Trans not too long after ep 6 or 7. so, PC version is "him", which I'm not, but respect given is respect earned, and whatnot.

  • RKBock 1 years ago

    "We fought with him"-Iscariot"Me? I died to him"- Maxwell"Me? I hated him"-Sir Integra"Me? I loved him" Who the hells says that?!

  • dartagnanryu 12 days ago

    @lar ljdwhy on fucking earth would it be seras

  • Alucard that’s my name

  • Tristan Tadsen 1 years ago

    The fact that Alucard believes that Anderson deserved better and more than what he got speaks volumes of his respect for The Judas Priest

  • Daniel Giovanniello 26 days ago

    Writing like that is why abridged is better than the original tbh

  • Alecsis 27 days ago

    @Andrew Severance zey vere named after him!