The Spiders and the Bees



  • *Good Vibes* (Mar 8, 2019)

    Your animations are becoming more fluid and they are now moving a lot more, I love it!

  • Susan Rector (8 hours ago)

    *Good Vibes* He also has helpers, but most of the art is his, yes.

  • JMH 105 (4 days ago)

    2:15 look at the picture on the wall...We want answers James.

  • Lori Stewart (28 minutes ago)


  • CJ_ kittylover (1 hour ago)

    Sammy Suckerpunch same XD and I’m proud

  • WeevilVlogger (1 day ago)

    no bees = no pollinationno pollination = no wheatno wheat = no breadno bread = *no garlic bread**_WHERE TO BUY MULTIPLE BEE FARMS_*

  • Akilo Lee (4 days ago)

    Holy frick.. now THATS true fear

  • Jordan French (4 hours ago)

    Dis my comment boi

  • Jeremiah Castaneda (5 days ago)

    They call me James two times,Because I got stung by a bee two times

  • * xXDaBlackCat1Xx * (Mar 8, 2019)

    i’ve felt a bigger pain than a spider bite or a bee sting...*stepping on a lego.... oh boi.*

  • SushiLover16 (41 minutes ago)

    I find it relaxing

  • unmistakable Ods (42 minutes ago)

    +gabriela rodriguez i have that problem to i only have data

  • I might live in Australia 🇦🇺Maybe so your telling me that I’m gonna die soon

  • Norma Lazarpawzy (5 hours ago)

    Henry Kemps And Smiap gaming I live in Australia

  • Chaos147 ex (1 day ago)

    Random fact about me: When I was young I thought that bumblebees can shoot their stingers. Aaand that they have a magazine of them in their backs. Yep. I was weird.Good thing nobody cares.

  • planet_ danny43 (4 days ago)

    7:30 but when a bee lands on your arm, HOLY FFFFRRRRRIIIIICCCCCKKKKK

  • Dylan Gregory (1 day ago)

    Watch your profanity james

  • You Ok (1 day ago)

    planet_ danny43 might as well be hostage at a police stand off

  • play time (2 days ago)

    James : it's a 50% that there poison's Me : sees a regular spiderMe: wutSister: AHHHHMe: rlllllllllyLike if u would scream and like if not XD