Amazon Finds - Bedroom Must-Haves March 2021

  • Published on:  3/26/2021
  • Hey babes!

    Here is a requested compilation of Amazon finds - Bedroom edition! Looking forward to crank out more of these compilation videos and stay tuned for our very own review videos soon!

    Thank you so much for the support!
    Much love xox

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    -iPad Stand:
    -White Leather Tissue Box Holder:
    -LED Lamp Touch Sensor: No longer available

    @00:33 (taylormarieeblogg)
    -String Light Curtain:
    -Jewelry Cabinet Standing Mirror:
    -Over the Door Shoe Shelves:
    -Twist Corner Shelves:
    -Left Gold Crystal Makeup Brush Holder:
    -Right Gold Crystal Makeup Brush Holder:
    -Cactus Succulents Tealight Candles:
    -Designers Inspired Wall Arts:
    -Neon LOVE sign:
    -Grey Upholstered Headboard (Alternatives):

    @01:15 (julianna_claire)
    -Anti Spill Cup Holder:
    -Bedside Shelf:

    @01:38 (lylyjustlyly)
    -Bedside Lamp Wireless Charger:
    -Digital Alarm Clock Large Mirrored:
    -Apple Watch Stand Charger:
    -Vanity Mirror with Dimmable Lights:
    -Mini Fridge for Cosmetic Products:

    @02:42 (evarodrigoxo)
    -Globe Electric Floor Lamp:
    -Apple Watch Charging Stand:
    -Wooden Laptop Lap Desk:
    -Silicone Airpod Case Cover:
    -Globe String Lights:

    @03:40 (evie)
    -Clam Light:

    @03:53 (wocommunity)
    -Self Adhesive Power Strip Holder:

    @04:08 (sadiisohrab)
    -Bedside Night Carafe with Cup:

    @04:25 (jodiesteele)
    -Flower Arrangements with Marble Pot:
    -White Noise Machine:
    -Alarm Clock Digital Mirror Surface:

    @05:10 (meandmrjones)
    -H Blanket:

    @05:28 (elodycyr)
    -Lightning Bolt Neon Sign:
    -Night Light Star Projector:
    -Led Light Strip:
    -3D Digital Alarm Clock:
    -Album Cover Collage Tapestry:
    -Black Irregular Dots Wall Decal:
    -Wire Wall Grid Panel:
    -Desk Lamp with Phone Charger:
    -Ivy Vine Strands:
    -Disco Decorations:

    -Luxury Gel Pillows:

    @06:54 (heykaylymae)
    -Industrial Vintage Wall Sconces:
    -Striped Pom Pom Square Pillow Covers:
    -Decorative Wood Ladder:

    @07:17 (kimsterrrs)
    -Mini Projector:

    @07:32 (heymrsgoodwin)
    -Weighted Eye Pillow Mask (Alternative):
    -No Pressure Beauty & Travel Eye Masks:
    -Customizable Pillow Density:
    -Lumbar Support Pillow:
    -Bed Rest Pillow:
    -Pink Marble Lap Desk:
    -Mattress Pillow Top:

    -Bedside Caddy Organizer:

    @08:40 (jais_arts)
    -Color Changing Led Lamp:
    -Bra Hanger:

    @08:54 (samanthasassso)
    -Twist Corner Shelves:
    -Gold Dresser Handles:
    -Gold Jewelry Glass Box:
    -Gold Jewelry Tiny Glass Box:
    -Gold Picture Frame:
    -Coasters With Tassels:
    -Clear Jewelry Box Organizer:
    -Necklace Holder Stand:

    @09:32 (alexa_nicole_x)
    -Rose Gold Plant Decor:
    -Crystal Vanity Tray (Rose gold no longer available):
    -Cool Mist Humidifier:

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