Jim Jones Talks Dipset Reunion, Has A Message For Mase

  • Published on:  12/7/2017
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  • Daniel Larios
    Daniel Larios 2 months ago

    30:15 Long live Hip Hop's Savior! "Put him in the box with Drake, Hov, Jcole!"

  • Byron Mccovery
    Byron Mccovery 2 months ago

    Jim high on sum

  • Blazin Sweets
    Blazin Sweets 4 months ago

    Jim sounds like he's been smoking crack all night

  • Blazin Sweets
    Blazin Sweets 4 months ago

    Why he always look bummy

  • jaxXxon-X
    jaxXxon-X 4 months ago

    @33:20, that what's started the Diplomats.
    Straik like that?
    Straight like that...😂😂

  • Todd Bierman
    Todd Bierman 4 months ago

    He seems fake 2 me ya heard

  • Richard Dixon
    Richard Dixon 4 months ago

    I feel it from 10:20 to 11:48 #Harlem#Dipsetbitch

  • Lucky Graziano
    Lucky Graziano 5 months ago

    Jim Jones was always my favorite member of dipset him cam an santanna were the illest artists in dipset bc of how marketable they were, J.R.Writer was A fuckin punchline mainevent at that point in time rappers were rappers not just anyone could get put on u had to be able to spin a hook and drop line after line of fire punchlines. music today is sorry as far as lyrics go catchy yea sure amped up ok yea but bars are nonexistent in the main stream that's why fab n jadas mixtape went under the radar

    HYDERABAD FITNESS 5 months ago

    Serial Killer.

  • TheBandwagon ExoticShip


  • B-more'Gs STG
    B-more'Gs STG 5 months ago

    Jim crazy.. Respect ""killed the interview Jim been my guy for a min.. Lol wit the made dance..

  • Jamaican Egyptian
    Jamaican Egyptian 5 months ago

    The coldest shit I heard with Juelz and Wayne is that track when they was like, "so cold I feel like a,walking bezzel"

  • ɑʝ ʍɨċɦɛʟʟɛ
    ɑʝ ʍɨċɦɛʟʟɛ 5 months ago

    he's making me sleepy😠

  • woosie 78
    woosie 78 5 months ago

    he curving the shit outta charlamaneg lolololol he really don’t wanna be there lls

  • woosie 78
    woosie 78 5 months ago

    LMAOOOOO @ the plug “haaaaaa”

  • damutae612
    damutae612 5 months ago

    Nigga nerves bad😂CTG lookin at him like "you got some more a that shit🤔?"

  • damutae612
    damutae612 5 months ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂Y'all funny as hell in this section

  • Amadi Media
    Amadi Media 6 months ago

    Beard Butter @ https://goo.gl/LW6v8Y

  • King Green
    King Green 6 months ago

    Zzzzzzzzzz.....boring interview...and what he keep playing with on the table lmao

  • James Murray
    James Murray 6 months ago+2

    Miss the old Jim Jones,but I’m just happy bro in a great place in his life right now