Another One Bites the Dust! - WAN Show Apr.27 2018

  • Published on:  4/27/2018
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    Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89.

    07:00:00 - Tech Deals joins Floatplane
    00:08:36 - Intel's 10nm is broken and delayed until 2019
    00:24:35 - Jim Keller joins Intel
    00:31:32 - Sponsor: Spektrum Glasses
    00:33:16 - Sponsor: PIA
    00:35:24 - LTX18
    00:36:25 - Max is leaving
    00:49:52 - Windows 10 Redstone 5
    00:51:50 - Finland classifies eSports as a traditional sport, administratively
    00:53:07 - Taiwanese graphics card makers to see shipments drop 40% in April
    00:53:43 - [Rumor] Apple 8k x 2 VR headset
    00:54:18 - RAM pricing lawsuit
    00:54:27 - E-waste activist get 15 month prison sentence for selling Windows 10 restore disks

    Alternate Timestamps

    3:05-Ghost phone
    4:37-Jason joins Wan show
    7:23-TechDeals Joins Floatplane
    8:40-Intel 10nm+ production delayed
    10:25-causes of delays(defect in wafers)(contd of previous topic)
    20:09-old Ram tech from intel(above topic contd)
    21:23-Intel VIIV
    24:35-Jim keller joins Intel
    31:41-Sponsor spektrum Glasses
    33:23-Sponsor PIA Vpn
    34:52-apply for job floatplane
    36:30-Max leaving
    37:00-max telling no wifi in croatia
    38:33-Q/a with max
    49:59-Surface phone
    50:50-Xbox freesync update
    51:52-Esport as traditional sport
    53:18-Gpu sales down from miner
    53:48-apple 8k vr
    54:45-ewaste activist jailed
    1:00:00-Linus meme