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  • Published on:  2/21/2019
  • Episode 1 of Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles is here, and the two hosts come out of the gate firing with special guest Jimmy Butler. The 76ers’ shooting guard has a big personality, and he goes in on a variety of topics — from the first person in the NBA to “bust his ass,” to why Justin Bieber’s new album is an all-time great. The eight-year vet also gives a how-to lesson on playing defense successfully in today’s NBA. The three discuss Jimmy’s rookie season with the Bulls in 2011–12, and how being on a team with so many veterans taught him the importance of speaking your mind and being blunt. Jimmy also discusses his past — his struggles as a kid in Texas and his meteoric rise to NBA stardom from junior college, to coming off the bench at Marquette, to being a first-round draft pick. Q and Darius ask Jimmy about his first big spending spree, which came right after he won a gold medal at the 2016 Olympics. That story leads directly to another about the time Jimmy went to Fashion Week in Paris with D-Wade and Melo. Lastly, Jimmy divulges which NBA player he modeled his game after, and where his nickname, “Jimmy Buckets,” comes from. Knuckleheads is the place for the best hoops stories you’ve never heard, as well as for old-school opinions and endless laughs.

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