TFS At The Table: Chapter 1 Episode 2 Recap! - TeamFourStar

  • Published on:  10/10/2017
  • Check out the full episode at the Adventure LIVE on Tuesdays at 5PM CDT Cove Welcomes our adventurers, but it won't let them go.Art By:


  • TeamFourStar 1 years ago

    Catch the Adventure Tuesdays At 5PM Central Time Live at can watch Full archives of the streams over on again for those wondering about DBZA:

  • Anthony White 1 years ago

    TeamFourStar can you make a episode 60 of dragon Ball z abridged

  • zaya davis 1 years ago

    I swear this and the unexpectablesLow key have took my Tuesday and wednesday nights respectively ..... I'm not even mad keep up the good work

  • zaya davis 1 years ago

    ian schmidgall I watch that but I'm usually able to watch it thursday cause of my job

  • ian schmidgall 1 years ago

    zaya davis what about Wednesdayhem

  • Internet Ghost 1 years ago

    You should be fined on account of that Timothy and Eloy picture being too cute to be legal.

  • Joseph Perez 1 years ago

    Thank you, Basetezotar. I remembered the name but not the spelling so I just let it stand rather than fumble over it.

  • Basetezotar 1 years ago

    It's by @Schmoogin

  • Aman 1 years ago

    Legend once said that tfs is THE GREATEST CHANNEL EVER

  • Ultimo0100 1 years ago

    That's a legend? I thought it was fact.

  • DaddySakuri123 1 years ago

    Aman fax

  • Troommate 1 years ago

    Need more Granny and Timothy :D

  • Guess I'll Die 1 years ago

    Pretty sure like 90% of the comments I tried to get salt from were deleted.TFS is trying to save me from a heart attack and I appreciate it.

  • Rogal Dorn 1 years ago

    Guess I'll Die I do believe that it is too late, however.What should have been fries with few pinches of salt, turned into a mountain of salt with a few stray fries.

  • ZombieCowboy 1 years ago

    Keep it up! I love these table episodes.

  • Teka Blade 1 years ago

    Aw... we didn't get any commentary about the inventor twins...

  • Lucas M 1 years ago

    Wake is great as a solo character, but I love Eloy and Ezra's interactions with each other.

  • stefanfr13 1 years ago

    Seeing these recaps just makes my week; For it reminds me that ANOTHER FULL EPISODE OF TFS DND IS WITHIN THE NEXT 24 HOURS!

  • John Hasben 1 years ago

    You can go watch them stream now, they didn't start yet