Spaceship PC Case Review: Micro-ATX Segotep EDI PC Build

  • Published on:  4/1/2021
  • The Segotep EDI micro-ATX / mini-ITX case is built like a spaceship in some ways. We're reviewing this unique oddity from the PC case industry for build quality, thermals, and accessibility.
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    We bought this case from Uniway Computers in Canada, who helped us figure out how to ship it to the US. You can find the Segotep EDI here:

    The Segotep EDI is a micro-ATX case that more easily fits mini-ITX, but it can do either. The enclosure runs a space-themed exterior with a test bench-style interior. It's unique and interesting and reminds us of the Yeston Cute Pet case, except the Segotep EDI leaves much to be desired thermally and mechanically. Even still, it's unique enough that many shortcomings can be overlooked if the builder really wants something with this theme. Based on our livestream comments when we built with the Segotep EDI space case previously, it sounds like people either love the case or hate it!

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    00:00 - Introducing the Segotep EDI
    04:06 - Build Quality, Interesting Features, & Shortcomings
    14:29 - CPU Case Thermals
    15:33 - GPU Case Thermals
    16:38 - Conclusion: Segotep EDI Quality

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    Host, Test Lead: Steve Burke
    Editorial, Testing: Patrick Lathan
    Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman