Coulometry lab electroplating Zn onto a penny with data

  • Published on:  2/11/2015
  • Mass of zinc deposited onto the penny: 0.001 grams
    Time current was running: 62 seconds
    Determine the current

    This lab involves an electrolysis reaction of a zinc hydroxide complex (Zn(OH)4)2- to Zn metal on a penny. The penny then appears silver in color and can be turned into a goldish color by heating and rapid cooling to alloy the Zn/Cu into brass.
    Beaker should have 3M NaOH and some Zn dust (about a gram or two is what I use). Then a zinc electrode is attached to the positive terminal of the battery and the penny to the negative terminal. The longer you leave the penny in the solution, the more zinc will deposit onto the penny.