Overwatch; Bronze 2 Master

  • Published on:  10/14/2016
  • Intentionally being placed in Bronze to climb up to Master solo. What a journey.

    18w 2tie 0L to get Diamond in 6 hours
    Climbing was impossible!!!!



  • SpitfireGames
    SpitfireGames 13 days ago

    2 years later and I still call Symmetra sYmeEtReEuH

  • Roland Nagy
    Roland Nagy 19 days ago

    Ill tried my worst so hard and was impossible to get under high silver. :((

  • YahBoy Batch
    YahBoy Batch 21 days ago

    Did I miss the stream?

  • Pιe
    Pιe 28 days ago

    I'm in low silver and never saw easy bots in my game, lucky...

  • Lynx
    Lynx 1 months ago

    I was gold and went bronze by throwing games :P I almost lost my hair when a rein tried running away from a dva ult and didn’t use his shield instead

  • Sarah Jay
    Sarah Jay 2 months ago


  • Druski the Randomth
    Druski the Randomth 2 months ago

    "Is that the real summit1g"

  • Dark
    Dark 2 months ago

    1:06 you're welcome

  • Jello Warrior
    Jello Warrior 4 months ago

    18 wins from bronze to diamond. Nice. I went 13-1 and was still in bronze. My one loss lost enough sr for 6 wins.
    Was great, this game is really well balanced and enjoyable.

  • Jamie Rose
    Jamie Rose 5 months ago

    Get banned, Smurf.

  • Cheeki breeki i v damke


  • Simon Wu
    Simon Wu 6 months ago

    Anna just say hanzo because that is the biggest insult you can give
    Hanzo is literally a living hanzo main no matter what

  • lmao nah
    lmao nah 7 months ago+2

    this is so good, i watched this 4 times aleady

  • LaTonia Green
    LaTonia Green 7 months ago

    Wtf is this lol

  • Guy Guy
    Guy Guy 7 months ago

    dva players that defense matrix reins hammer are usually just flustered, they know it wont stop it, but they cant help but press it when they get damaged. its a bad feelin

  • EpicSocksProductions
    EpicSocksProductions 7 months ago

    I tried to get my smurf placed below 1000 sr ended up mid plat threw every game basically.

  • Antonio Acosta
    Antonio Acosta 7 months ago

    Conveniently misplaces the Plat match

  • Kanaechann
    Kanaechann 7 months ago

    Videos like this just shows how people throw on purpose. All those people on his team trying to win and he could help but he doesn't just so he can place bronze. Doesn't make sense to me why people do this..

  • Phonics
    Phonics 8 months ago+1

    i used to be a bronze (918sr) player, and i was the most toxic person in the world of season 3. now im trying to be more positive and it payed off! im 3200 now

  • Snarkily
    Snarkily 8 months ago

    Games recorded on a certified organically sourced potato.