Overwatch; Bronze 2 Master

  • Published on:  10/14/2016
  • Intentionally being placed in Bronze to climb up to Master solo. What a journey. 18w 2tie 0L to get Diamond in 6 hoursClimbing was impossible!!!!twitch.tv/ster


  • Mioke 2 years ago

    Coulda just played with Jerma if you wanted to place bronze.

  • Denae Kilgore 6 months ago

    Mioke oof

  • Max Can’t Read 1 years ago

    Ouch the Jerma roast.

  • KingTwelveSixteen 2 years ago

    I like how the one guy who recognized you was polite enough to wait to the end to mention it so nobody got distracted in the game. It was nice of him.

  • Adriana Arellano 2 years ago

    KingTwelveSixteen iii

  • Javelin 2 years ago

    wtf these people are worse than the ones I see on quickplay

  • Adine the Wyvern 1 years ago

    Javelin Hanzaf

  • Rodrigo P 1 years ago

    People on quickplay aren't bad, they generally are just training or kidding.I'm master and my gf usually play quickplay on my account, so that doesnt means so much

  • EliteVeyron 2 years ago

    The thing Ana said was "Hands off" not "Hanzo."

  • Son's of Dutch 1 years ago

    EliteVeyron he is dumb fuck stupidest youtuber i have ever seen

  • Ugly Guy 2 years ago

    EliteVeyron 666 likes

  • V V 2 years ago

    Intentionally get placed in bronze by dragging your entire team down during placement matches, by playing like shit on purpose. Then proceed to trash talk other players who ARE in their correct brackets and are simply not as good as you. Wow, what a great person you are. The fact that you make a living by pulling this kind of shit is just sad as fuck.

  • U still have to win to get placed high, if u get like 30k damage in 5 mins hypothetically u still need to win or u will get plat

  • Сайлар 1 years ago

    Gavin Free Didn't he still deliberately lose his placement matches? Just cause he's dragging down other low ranks it doesn't count? Lol

  • Surprise !! 2 years ago

    Moral of the video: Good players usually beat bad players and it's fun to make fun of them when you do.

  • GreedyRadish 1 years ago

    If that's true, I'm happy for you but it only further proves my point. If you deserve to be GM then you should have no problem climbing there because the skill set and knowledge required is so vastly different. The skill-set difference between a Bronze and a Silver player is not drastic, so even if someone "deserves" Silver they may find themselves stuck in Bronze because their teammates are all still gonna be Bronze.

  • Facti0n 1 years ago

    CherryFlavor no proof kid

  • Caitlin N 2 years ago

    So I began in bronze this season (so season 3) and worked my way up to low plat. And from my experience, the people in bronze were actually way nicer and supportive of each other and people in the higher ranks seem to forget that overwatch is about having fun as well.So to all bronze players, keep up the great aesthetic in the games, I love you ♡

  • Naptine 18 days ago

    LOL 2 years late, but yes when i was in silver i felt like there was sort of a community. at least on xbox. people knew each other and everyone was supportive. i’m diamond now and that’s well.... it’s diamond.

  • Kaelan McAlpine 6 months ago

    I feel like I'm gonna be stuck just above 500 Bronze for forever, no matter how much I play, or get better. Hell, every time I touch 600, they game gives me either a team that's just as stupid as me, or an enemy team with smurfs, ranging anywhere from a single Genji or Widow to possibly the entire team it feels like at times (of course one of them has to be a Genji).

  • Profdoomsday 2 years ago

    I'm a medium gold player, so I'm pretty awful. This gives me closure knowing I'm not THE worst.

  • Just Clem 1 years ago

    I got placed in diamond XD

  • Just Clem 1 years ago

    I think that ur actually that bad but ur such a low rank being "good" is pretty trash in a platinum to GM players mind when they watch ur gameplay

  • When are you gonna restart your Minecraft let's play?

  • Whelp, this thread is never ending cancer and must be quarantined.

  • Lodi Dodi1775 2 years ago

    +Jackero So you say i pretend? You are extremely and I mean extremely bad at guessing things. Leave the guessing to adults that actually have intelligence. How about stay in highschool. I dont care if I insulted Mine craft. Sorry If I insulted the community that wasnt my intent. Jack usmc is United States Marine Corps. Please get out of your mothers basement and live a little. Prend to get girls lol. Im sure that reflection and comment is for yourself since you so intended to bring it up.Nice logic b...

  • John Meck 2 years ago

    "I ran out of balls and a mei's in my face"

  • fat 2 years ago

    The pinkie thing makes sense. Hold up your left hand with the back facing you and stick up your pinkie. It works.

  • Jason Skywalker 2 years ago

    Nicolas K Nevermind location, a pinky that small should only belong to a somehow-president oompa-loompa