BALL PiT and Trampoline Launch!! Backyard Games! Bubbles in the Pool cleaning day with Adley & Niko

  • Published on:  5/15/2021
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    Oh man!! The kiddos just found a snake on the backyard splash pad. I grab the vlog and run out to see it and...surprise, the kiddos tricked me. It's just a new toy that Niko Bear got. So our plan today is to get the backyard all cleaned up for summer. So we got to put away some of our toys and games and clean up the skate park from all the dirt that got in there during winter.

    But we can’t be in the backyard without having some family fun. We start jumping on the trampoline when Adley has the great idea to play with the ball pit balls. We start doing tricks and sliding around, even miss Navey joins us and she has so much fun. Jenny goes inside to put Navey down for a nap, so the kiddos and I jump into the skate park and start sweeping and moving all the toys and scooters.

    While we’re putting away a big monster truck toy in the shed, Niko finds a Bunch of Balloons. We put it on the end of the hose and get them all filled with water. Surprise battle!! Aldey throws a water balloon at me, Niko gets Jenny, and in parents vs kids style, we drench Adley with the bucket of water. Since she is already wet, Adley opens up the hot tub and jumps in. Jenny, still in her clothes jumps in and it's crazy!! Niko Bear and I get our swimsuits on and join the girls in the pool.

    Oh we also have a secret surprise to show you guys. We are working on new A for Adley summer pool toys, like goggles and floaties. We want the kiddos to try them and give you guys a sneak peek!! Shhh don’t tell anyone. While doing some cleaning, the kiddos pour bubbles into the hot tub and we get a massive bubble bath in the hot tub!! I can’t believe they did that!!

    We end this Best Day Ever with our dinner routine of the whole family making breakfast….for dinner. Niko helps Jenny make waffles, Adley makes green eggs with me, and Baby Navey has her very first taste of eggs!!

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