What's The Deal With Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare? / Episode 8 - The Medical Futurist

  • Published on:  1/22/2020
  • When artificial intelligence emerged, people imagined the A.I. revolution as robots killing humanity. Today, we are less afraid of robots taking our lives and more afraid of them taking our jobs - medical professionals and nurses included.

    Artificial intelligence is indeed revolutionizing healthcare (just as every layer of our lives), and it's the most important topic when it comes to the future of medicine.

    In this video, I'm going to clarify the core concepts of artificial intelligence, such as:
    - The 3 levels of artificial intelligence (artificial narrow intelligence, artificial general intelligence, and artificial superintelligence)
    - Learning methods of A.I. algorithms (machine learning, deep learning)
    - How will A.I. redesign healthcare - with 5 examples (mining medical records, treatment plans, precision medicine, drug creation, and health assistance and medication management)

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