Please Like Me - Behind The Scenes: Hannah Talks About "Pashing" on Camera

  • Published on:  10/25/2015
  • Hannah talks about the science of an on-screen kiss and reaches us an Australian word.

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    Life in your 20’s can be undeniably hard. You could be helping to support your bipolar mother, dealing with a father in a mid-life crisis, and a taking care of your new baby sister—all at once. Maybe you’re attempting to win your boyfriend’s heart one hopeless vegetarian meal at a time. Throughout the whole process maybe the most terrifying conclusion you’ve come to is that you might just be most together person you know? That’s what life is like for Josh in the critically acclaimed 'Please Like Me,' a comedy that soothes the existential unrest of the under-30 crowd. As Josh and his friends muddle through life, sex gets complicated, relationships wax and wane, friends struggle to see eye to eye, and the dog always steals the show. Simply put, everything is so delightfully awkward.

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