Southwest Flight 1380 - Mentour Special

  • Published on:  4/18/2018
  • On tuesday 17/04/2018 the Southwest flight 1380 suffered what appears to be a unconfined Engine Failure of its nr 1 engine. The failure threw debris towards the passenger cabin and penetrated a passenger window, severely hurting the passenger inside.
    This breach of the cabin caused a rapid depressurisation and an emergency descend followed by a diversion to Philadelphia where the aircraft landed safely.
    One passenger died as a result from her injuries and seven other passengers received minor injuries.
    I received many different questions relating to this incident yesterday and decided to make this video to explain my view on what we know so far.
    I want to make it absolutely clear that the investigation into the causes of this incident are still not clear and things might change as the investigation continues.

    In this video I will give you a brief synopsis of the events as well as some info about the kind of training pilots will get to handle events like this. I will answer some of your questions from Twitter, FB and Instagram and I will give you my view on what happened.

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    thank you MSNBC for some material I borrowed for this video: